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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Standard-issue medical procedural from CNN medical correspondent and surgeon Gupta (Cheating Death, 2009). In this debut novel, Gupta commits some of the more common errors of Fiction 101 by telling more than showing, and then showing the mundane with as much attention as the distinctive. Thus the second sentence of the book: "Wearing bright blue polyester jumpsuits with a yellow insignia on the ... Read full review

Review: Monday Mornings

Editorial Review - - Roz Shea

M&M is the byword each Monday morning in the neurosurgery department at Chelsea General Hospital. The 6:00 am Morbidity and Mortality conference is religiously attended by all members of the neurosurgery team. In this closely guarded atmosphere, issues that arise during surgery in the most technically complex procedures in modern medicine are presented in the bright, white light of peer review. No ... Read full review

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