Practical Lessons in Language

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American Book, 1893 - English language - 139 pages
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Page 142 - BARNES'S SERIES: Barnes's Primary History of the United States. ByT. F. DONNELLY. For Intermediate Classes. Fully illustrated. A fitting introduction to Barnes's Historical Series. 60 cents. Barnes's Brief History of the United States.
Page 143 - Reader 20 cents 35 cents 50 cents 70 cents 90 cents Prepared on the word-method system, with frequent reviews, script exercises, language lessons, and outline drawings. In the earlier books conversational style of reading prevails ; in the advanced numbers a full course of instruction in elocution. HARPER'S NEW READERS. Harper's First Reader Harper's Second Reader Harper's Third Reader Harper's Fourth Reader Harper's Fifth Reader Harper's Sixth Reader...
Page 143 - First Reader . Appletons' Second Reader Appletons' Third Reader . Appletons' Introductory Fourth Reader Appletons' Fourth Reader . Appletons' Fifth Reader . i 8 cents 30 cents 38 cents 50 cents 50 cents 90 cents These readers combine the word, phonic, and alphabetic methods. There is throughout a definite method of instruction, easily followed by any teacher. The course of language lessons accompanying the selections affords an unlimited amount of additional work. BARNES'S NEW NATIONAL READERS. Five...
Page 144 - Reader $1.08 These readers comprise a systematic succession of lessons closely related in matter and method, and forming the basis of a thorough course in language lessons. The series is complete in five books, yet a Sixth or Classic English Reader is provided for a broader and more comprehensive literary study. SUPPLEMENTARY READERS. In addition to these regular series of readers, the list of the American Book Company embraces several fresh and striking series of Supplementary Readers, including...
Page 142 - ... $1.00. ECLECTIC SERIES: Eclectic Primary History of the United States. By EDWARD S. ELLIS. A book for younger classes, or those who have not the time to devote to a more complete history 50 cents. New Eclectic History of the United States. By ME THALHEIMER. A revised, enlarged, and improved edition of the " Eclectic History of the United States.
Page 33 - We can never be too careful What the seed our hands shall sow; Love from love is sure to ripen, Hate from hate is sure to grow. Seeds of good or ill we scatter Heedlessly along our way ; But a glad or grievous fruitage Waits us at the harvest day.
Page 11 - MY MOTHER. I MUST not tease my mother, For she is very kind, And everything she says to me I must directly mind ; For when I was a baby, And could not speak or walk, She let me in her bosom sleep, And taught me how to talk. I must not tease my mother ; And when she likes to read, Or has the headache, I will step Most silently indeed.
Page 14 - TIS a lovely thing for youth To walk betimes in wisdom's way ; To fear a lie, to speak the truth, That we may trust to all they say! But liars we can never trust, Though they should speak the thing that's true ; And he that does one fault at first, And lies to hide it, makes it two.
Page 142 - Our list also includes Histories of England, France, Greece, Rome, etc., besides Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern Histories, and Manuals of Mythology. Circulars and Section 7, of our List fully describes these and other works on the same subject. They are sent free on request. Special terms for introduction. Correspondence invited. American Book Company New York Cincinnati Chicago Boston Portland, Ore.
Page 144 - Reader . 17 cents 30 cents 42 cents 50 cents 72 cents 85 cents In the revision of these popular books the distinctive features of the series have been preserved, but the matter is presented in new dress, with many new selections. Script Lessons in the lower grades, and Biographical Notes of authors in the higher. SWINTON'S READERS. Swinton's Primer and First Reader Swinton's Second Reader . Swinton's Third Reader . Swinton's Fourth Reader . Swinton's Fifth Reader Swinton's Sixth or Classic English...

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