The Correlation of Physical Forces

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Samuel Highley, 1850 - Force and energy - 119 pages
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Page 110 - In all phenomena the more closely they are investigated the more are we convinced that, humanly speaking, neither matter nor force can be created or annihilated, and that an essential cause is unattainable. — Causation is the will. Creation the act, of God.
Page 89 - Forces," remarks, in his elaborate Essay upon the subject, that — " We thus get a reciprocity of action between the force which unites the molecules of matter and the magnetic force, and through the medium of the latter the correlation of the attraction of aggregation with the other modes of force may be established.
Page 11 - The common error, if I am right in supposing it to. -be such, consists in the abstraction of cause, and in supposing in each case a general secondary cause— a something- which' is not the first cause, but which, if we examine it carefully, must have all the attributes of a first cause, and an existence independent of, and dominant over, matter.
Page 104 - ... our evidence of force is the matter it acts upon. Thus, matter and force are correlates, in the strictest sense of the word ; the conception of the existence of the one involves the conception of the existence of the other : the quantity of matter again, and the degree of force, involve conceptions of space and time.
Page 4 - ... undervaluing authority, or treating lightly the opinions of those to whom and to whose memory mankind looks with reverence. Properly to value authority, we should estimate it together with its means of information: if' a dwarf on the shoulders of a giant can see further than the giant,' he is no less a dwarf in comparison with the giant.
Page 48 - ... other. No substantive theory has been proposed other than these two ; but although this is the case, I think I shall not be unsupported by many who have attentively studied electrical phenomena, in viewing them as resulting not from the action of a fluid or fluids, but as a molecular polarization of ordinary matter, or as matter acting by attraction and repulsion in a definite direction.
Page 17 - Wave your hand : the motion, which has apparently ceased, is taken up by the air, from the air by the walls of the room,-&c., and so by direct and reacting waves, continually comminuted, but never destroyed.
Page 96 - I have submitted to you, the true expression of the fact is, that each mode of force is capable of producing the other, then any view which regards either of them as abstractedly the efficient cause of all the rest is erroneous ; the view has, I believe, arisen from a confusion between the abstract or...
Page 13 - ... that the various affections of matter which constitute the main objects of experimental physics, viz., heat, light, electricity, magnetism, chemical affinity, and motion, are all correlative, or have a reciprocal dependence. That neither, taken abstractedly, can be said to be the essential or...
Page 54 - ... dynamic electricity, or the conduits of an electric current, tend to place magnets at right angles to them ; and, conversely, magnets tend to place bodies conducting electricity at right angles to them. Thus an electric current appears to have a magnetic action, in a direction cutting its own at right angles ; or, supposing its section to be a circle, tangential to it : if, then, we reverse the position, . and make the electric current form a series of tangents to an imaginary cylinder, this...

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