The Pound and Kester Families: Containing an Account of the Ancestry of John Pound (born in 1735) and William Kester (born in 1733) and a Genealogical Record of All Their Descendants and Other Family Historical Matter

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Regan printing house, 1904 - 628 pages
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Hello: More children were born to Mary Alice and Isaac including my grandfather, William James Harbin on 2/14/82 in Middletown, CA. There was also a daughter called Amanda that I know of. William and his second wife, Evelyn are buried in the family plot in Middletown. Because of a fire that burned all the paper records stored in a barn there is now no record who all was actually buried there. when my grandfather William died in about 1960 and was buried there lots of wooden headstones existed. Now they are all lost to decay.
His oral history is that he lived at harbin hot springs and then the family moved into Middletown. He finished schooling there and moved to Grass Valley for a period of time where my mother was born. He and Evelyn had one daughter, Margaret. In his later years he returned to Middletown for about a decade and was buried there. I met Aunt Amanda once living in Lower Lake. I do not know if she married or had children.
I was told by Margaret a few years ago before she died at age 95 that Mary Alice had mental problems, was committed to an institution for awhile and finally the sons and daughters cared for her at home. William committed suiside, my mother was suicidal, one of Margaret's daughter was mentally ill and one of her daughters also committed suicide. I hope this affliction has not transferred to other members of the family.
Vernzina Finley

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Page 4 - ... with a chapter on offer of judgment. St. Paul, 1903. 8". lix, (1), 720 p. [1] Hunt, Benjamin S. Remarks on Hayti as a place of settlement for AfricAmericans; and on the mulatto as a race for the tropics. Philadelphia, 1860. 8°. 36 p. [3] Hunt, John Eddy. The Pound and Kester families; containing an account of the ancestry of John Pound, born in 1735, and William Kester born in 1733, and a genealogical record of all their descendants and other family historical matter.
Page 592 - My great grandfather came over the ocean with William Penn. He was one of the chain carriers when the State of Pennsylvania was surveyed and for his services was given two tracts of land of five hundred acres each, on one of which the city of Philadelphia now stands.
Page 598 - There were ten men in the party, five to each boat. During the voyage down the river Edmund Liston concluded to go ashore and procure game, and a negro called Gabe (who was with the company in addition to the white men) and the two Coxes rowed him ashore. Indian signs were so plain that it was evident the ivoods were full of them and Edmund returned to the boat.
Page 6 - To a public whose interest in genealogical research is constantly inereasing, to the numerous members of the families whose records are herewith presented, and to their children and grandchildren, and especially to the generations yet unborn, this work is respectfully dedicated. JOHN E. HUNT. Chicago, Ilhnois, February 1, 1904. CONTENTS. THE POUND FAMILY. PART I. PAGE. The Pound Ancestry .and Family of John Pound".
Page 599 - Pound, who was one of the members on the boat, made a well directed shot, killing one of the Indians, which caused them to cease shooting. This occurred just below Limestone Creek above Cincinnati, where the boats soon landed, and which then consisted only of a fort and a few log huts. John Cleves Symmes, afterwards William Henry Harrison-s father-in-law, lived there at that time and was founder of the settlement.
Page 599 - Bardstown at a fort called Fort Rogers. Here they lived, buying land and having it taken away by what was said to be an older title. In 1789 they moved to Jefferson Coun-ty, where they remained two years, and then moved to Spencer County and bought land. In 1801 thev sold out and moved to Butler Countv, Ohio.
Page 589 - John, married Letha Ferguson, daughter of Athel Ferguson and a niece of Nancy Ferguson above named ; Mary, married Benjamin Harris ; Rebecca, married Elijah Payne and then Athel Ferguson; Sarah, married James Drake ; Catherine, married Jacob Maddox ; Rhoda, married Jesse Rozzel ; Susan, married James Thompson ; Rachel was not married.
Page 598 - The following sketch, kindly furnished by Mr. Marvin B. Crist, is as dictated to him in 1863 by his grandfather, Joseph Liston, son of Edmund and Elizabeth (Kester) Liston : Edmund Liston and family immigrated from Maryland to Kentucky in 1786. They traveled overland to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where they "took water...
Page 598 - Cox, the older of the two, and wounding Benjamin Cox by a shot through the shoulder. William Chenoeth, who accompanied them, jumped out of the canoe and dived as far as he could, while Gabe wheeled the canoe and made for the boat, and Benjamin Cox, who in falling out of the canoe caught by its side, was...
Page 211 - McCoy Martin was born at Livonia, Indiana, June 24, 1857, died April 19, 1899. Resided near Adrian, Kansas. Married, March 18, 1880, Frances G. Alter, daughter of David M. and Margaret (Ritner) Alter, born at Campbellsburg, Indiana, May 6, 1859.

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