Pioneers of Marion County

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Page 70 - MS or her actual freedom, which certificate shall be attested by the clerk of said court, and the seal thereof annexed thereto by the said court, and give bond, with good and sufficient security, to be approved of by the board of county commissioners of the proper county in which such person of color may reside, payable to the United States, in the penal sum of five hundred dollars.
Page 26 - So the prospect for a house, which was also to be home, was one that gave courage to the rough toil, and added a zest to the heavy labors. The style of the home entered very little into their thoughts — it was shelter they wanted, and protection from stress of weather and wearing exposures.
Page 27 - For a fire-place, a wall of stone and earth — frequently the latter only, when stone was not convenient — was made in the best practicable shape for the purpose, in an opening in one end of the building, extending outward, and planked on the outside by bolts of wood notched together to stay it. Frequently a fire-place of this kind was made so capacious as to occupy nearly the whole width of the house. In cold weather, when a great deal of...
Page 61 - Section 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Iowa, That the...
Page 39 - But the hound was never known to recognize a flag of truce ; his baying seemed to signify " no quarter," or at least so the terrified wolf understood it. Smaller animals, such as panthers, lynxes, wildcats, catamounts and polecats, were also sufficiently numerous to be troublesome. And an exceeding source of annoyance were the swarms of mosquitoes which aggravated the trials of the settler in the most exasperating degree. Persons have been driven from the labors of the field by their unmerciful assaults.
Page 71 - And if such negro or mulatto shall still fail to give the bond and security required by the first section of this act, * * * it shall be the duty of the county commissioners of such county to hire out such negro or mulatto for six months, for the best price in cash that can be had. The proceeds of such hiring shall be paid into the county treasury of the proper county, for the use of such negro or mulatto, in such manner as shall be directed by the board of county commissioners aforesaid.
Page 64 - ... prosecuted to final judgment, by the justice of the peace to whom such business or papers may have been returned. " SECTION 12. That the county assessor elected under the provisions of this act for said county, shall assess the said county in the same manner, and be under the same obligations and liabilities, as now is, or may hereafter be, provided by law, in relation to the county assessor. " SECTION 13. That Ezra M. Jones, of Van Buren county, Joseph...
Page 28 - In regard to the furniture of such a cabin, of course it varied in proportion to the ingenuity of the occupants, unless it was where settlers brought with them their old household supply, which, owing to the distance most of them had come, was very seldom. It was easy enough to improvise tables and chairs ; the former could be made of split logs — and there...
Page 30 - After thoroughly clearing it of the charcoal, the corn could be put in, hot water turned upon it, when it was subjected to a severe pestling by a club of sufficient length and thickness, in the large end of which was inserted an iron wedge, banded to keep it there. The hot water would soften the corn and loosen the hull, while the pestle would crush it.
Page 30 - ... peeled off, after which it was well washed, to cleanse it of the lye. It was then boiled again to soften it, when it was ready for use, as occasion required, by frying and seasoning it to the taste. Another mode of preparing hominy was by pestling. A mortar was made by burning a bowl-shaped cavity in the even end of an upright block of wood. After thoroughly...

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