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My life's very first novel and no doubt it was so good, nice, and amazing, containing every possible genre, love, romance, thriller, drama, and of course fiction also, that kept me reading constantly for six hours since I was the beginner then.
I still have the pocket size book of it and sometimes I still get pop up of desire to go through it once more.
I almost have mentioned the quality here without any spoiler and hope it will be helpful for my dear friends who still waiting to get this book and have Emily Bronte in their life, at least for once.

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Wuthering Heights is a dark, twisted story of the nature of love and heartbreak.
Because I love Jane Eyre so much, I went into reading this book with very high expectations. I did thoroughly enjoy
this book as well, but my expectations may have been a factor in why this novel didn’t rank as high as expected. I personally thought it was much darker than Jane Eyre, which may have also played a role in my overall opinion of it, but it still made my top ten (and I love every book on this list, so I still think it was fantastic). The one line that did really stand out to me is probably my favorite quote (on the subject of love) of all time and that is when Catherine says “I love him: and that, not because he’s handsome… but because he’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same..” That really was a wow moment for me. Nowadays love in books, in movies, in the media, is all so dramatized, sexualized and often times very shallow. This book captured the true essence of love as well as heartbreak.  

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I thought this book was very dark but interesting. I wish there would have been a happier ending for Heathcliff and Catherine. Because of Catherine and Edgar’s relationship, Heathcliff turned into a dark, evil person. There were a few events that the author left the reader to figure out the cause on their own. She left some situations for the reader to decide what happened, which is one thing I don’t like. I like to know what happens in a story. However, the book was very interesting and different. I would recommend it to those who are looking for something dark and interesting to read. 

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A new renter (Mr. Lockwood) comes to Wuthering Heights to present himself to the master of the house, Mr. Heathcliff. He decides to stay the night, although he is wholly unwanted, due to a snowstorm. He stays in a seldom used room and is haunted by nightmares of a ghoulish dead girl who tries to get into the room. He quickly leaves the next day and meets his new housekeeper, Nelly. Nelly tells him the story of how she came to be at Thrushcross Grange and how Wuthering Heights came to be owned by Mr. Heathcliff. Mr. Healthcliff was brought home one day by the then-master of the house, Mr. Earnshaw. He saw Heathcliff on a corner, derelict, and took pity on him. Heathcliff became his favorite, which made Earnshaw Junior very jealous. He treated him horribly. But Heathcliff connected with Catherine (daughter) and they became close friends. They ran through the woods at night after Earnshaw Senior died, and Cathy was attacked by a bulldog owned by the Linton family who owned Thrushcross Grange. They took Cathy in and she left weeks later a changed person. She was a woman, careful with her clothes and no longer willing to play the games of Heathcliff. She decided to marry Edgar Linton and Heathcliff left to make his fortune. We never find out how he became rich. Nelly lives with Cathy and Edgar (and his sister) and is very happy until Heathcliff comes back and takes up residence again in Wuthering Heights. He takes advantage of Earnshaw's abuse of alcohol to loan him money as a mortgage on the house. When Earnshaw finally passes the house reverts to Heathcliff, who keeps Earnshaw's son (Hareton) on as a hired hand. Healthcliff has a son with Linton's sister, Isabella, who he exploits thanks to Catherine's wandering mouth. They have a son, Linton, who is weak and sickly. Catherine and Edgar Linton have a daughter, Catherine, who is born just before Catherine dies. When Catherine dies both Heathcliff and Edgar react with depression and anger, at each other and at her loss. The younger Catherine ends up being forced to marry Linton, who dies soon after. Heathcliff gets both estates, but he is continually haunted by Catherine. He dies after Lockwood leaves for London, and when Lockwood returns he finds that Catherine and Hareton have fallen in love and are to be married. There are rumors of Heathcliff's ghost haunting the moors with Catherine, but Nelly is not quick to believe it.
What a great book. Just wonderfully written and a great read. It is fast paced and just a very fun read. I loved the characters, with the exception of Joseph who's broken speech was difficult to translate. I loved Nelly's personal opinions that were inserted in her narrative, and the rational, outsider approach of Lockwood. Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange really appear to be their own little world, with intermarriages and all of the difficult feelings of close neighbors. It was almost a commentary on how the world would work if we were reduced to two families, with the bigger, stronger family scheming in ways to conquer to the other. Heathcliff was a perfect character, full of flaws but brilliant and far-sighted. Catherine was probably the most flawed, choosing the wrong mate for herself and giving Isabella up to Heathcliff through her own jealousy. The description of the estates was perfect and I just loved this book. Wonderful.

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The best book I ever read. Everyone should read it.

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