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This is a book of highly selected translations. Three of the books, mentioned at the end are for the casual reader. ...___... And below, ++ IN SEARCH OF ... ++ reports that the first western Avesta translation was 3 full volumes. ...____... This reviewer is very grateful for Chapter 10 et.seq. -- HISTORICAL TEXTS-- : It has translations of texts by Darius the Great; Xerxes and others. They are explicit and are literally carved in stone on mountain sides. .. Also ch. 10 has surviving Greek texts. These are from: The historian Herodotus; Xenophon;; a soldier in the Persian army;; ... And the Alcibiades. All of which give a Greek perspective to religion in Persia before 300 BCE. Later material from Plutarch 60 CE and on into the 18th century fill out later translations. ..._________... The FORWARD gives a small perspective. ...___...TEXTURAL SOURCES launches the reader. ...___... The MAIN TEXT is near-literal translations from tiny portions of the Gathas and the Avesta and is heavy going. There is no single arrow of time here. ..... There is no intent to follow the metaphoric line of Stephen Mitchell in his beautiful and lyrical ++ THE BOOK OF JOB ++ ISBN:0060969598 ....__..._____..... For the general reader: ...___... ++ STRANGE BIRDS from ZOROASTERs NEST ++ ISBN:1586840312 gives one a panorama of comparative religions. ...___... ++ IN SEARCH OF ZARATHUSTRA ++ ISBN:1-4000-3142-7 uses a skeleton in space, of a car trip through Europe on into Asia. The companion skeleton in time is back through time, from Nietzsche back through Cathars and - The-Great-Heresy --- to Cyrus the Great. ..._____.. ++ DAWN and TWILIGHT of ZOROASTRIANISM ++ Lib Congress: 61-8353 gives the religion and its variations as a sweep through time and does it with great clarity. ..___.. For the reader who wants comparative history as history, and has time, Boyce has the 3 volume set: ++ A HISTORY OF ZOROASTRIANISM ++ ISBN: 9004088474; 9789004065062 and 9004092714. They set the standard. These 3 have clear introductions and cover: Time before Cyrus 550BCE; Time before Alexander 330BCE; And time up to the Council of Nicea 325 CE.  

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