Catalogs of Supplies for Railroads, Steamships, Machines, Mills, and Mines Manufactured by this Company May be Found on the Shelves Under the Above Call Number

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Page 6 - ... engraving shows the square -inch test valve, which consists of a brass disc provided with a pipe (A) to be connected with a plunger (D), as in Fig. 41. At B is a hardened steel valve and seat, the latter having knife edges for the valve (B) to rest upon, and being made exactly one square inch in area. The pipe (A) opens directly under the valve, as shown by the dotted lines. Fig. 41 is intended to show the use of this square inch valve in FIo.
Page 129 - The lifting-chain being supplied with a hook at each end, no loweriug is required for a fresh load. Longer or shorter chains can be changed by simply unscrewing the nuts. The working parts run on steel, and, being internal, are not liable to accident, and are free from dust or dirt. Having two chains independent of each other, they work with less friction and more speed than most pulley-blocks. They can be worked at any angle, thereby enabling the workman to stand from under the load.
Page 25 - OPERATION. — Steam is turned on through the steam pipe B, and rushes across the globular chamber A into D, carrying the air in A and D before it, thereby exhausting the air from A. Water to...
Page 101 - Dies ; cuts ?i to 5-Ш inch, right hand, 10, 12, and 16 threads to the inch, 3 taps and 3 sets of dies; weight, 24 Ibs • 88.7
Page 153 - The following extras are to be understood as a part of this list: Bolts with Hexagon Heads or Hexagon Nuts, 10 per cent extra. If both Hexagon Heads and Hexagon Nuts, 20 per cent extra. Joint Bolts with Oblong Nuts, 10 per cent extra. Bolts with Tee Heads, Askew Heads and Eccentric Heads, 20 per cent extra. Key Bolts, 20 per cent extra. Bolts with Cotter Holes, 25 per cent extra.
Page 111 - Punches require no skilled labor to use them, nor are they liable to break or get out of repair. They are made of the very best materials, and exhibit the highest mechanical ingenuity in design and construction.
Page 132 - Wire straightened and cut, smaller than No. 8, and not less than a feet lengths, 45 cents.

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