Armenia: A Year at Erzeroom and on the Frontiers of Russia, Turkey, and Persia

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Harper, 1854 - Armenia - 226 pages

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Page 140 - the ends of my mission in this land, and after that be received up again unto Him that sent me; but after my ascension I will send one of my disciples, who will cure thy disease, and give life unto thee and all that are with thee.
Page 77 - When the pie was opened, The birds began to sing : Wasn't that a dainty dish To set before a king ? But the
Page 147 - and deacons of that, in common with the hierarchy of every other Church. In England they have fallen into disuse by neglect; King Charles I. presented some vestments to the Cathedral of Durham long after the Reformation, and they continued in use there almost in the memory of man.
Page 118 - the most splendid edifices, were involved in a common destruction. The booty that fell into the hands of the Goths was immense. The wealth of the adjacent countries,
Page 26 - when the intelligence came too late. If the Turks had known what was going on, not one single Russian would have seen his native land again ; even as it was, out of 120,000 men, not 6000 ever recrossed the Russian frontier alive. Since the days of Cain, the first murderer, among all nations, and among all religions, he who kills his
Page 17 - and are wrecked there perpetually. I have seen dead bodies floating about in that part of the sea, where I first became acquainted with the fact that the corpse of a woman floats upon its back, while that of a man floats upon its face.
Page 131 - to desire the surrender of the fugitive tribe, and—as at this day in Turkey—to demand a " renewal of treaties" between the two countries, received the following answer from the court of Pekin: " Let your mistress learn to keep old treaties, and then it will be time to apply for new ones;" an answer which might have been given in our day to Prince
Page 133 - of the monastery ; consequently an attack of indigestion in an Armenian monk generally produces a vision of some nonsensical revelation about Noah's ark, which is still supposed to remain, hidden to mortal eye, under the clouds and snows of Mount Ararat.
Page 169 - His body was carried to the tomb clothed in royal robes of white, according to the custom of Armenia, with an open crown upon his head and a golden sceptre in his hand. He lay in state upon an open bier hung with white, and surrounded by the officers of his household, clothed all of them in white robes. He was
Page 26 - men were able to bear arms: how many thousands of horses and mules perished in these two years is not known. The Turkish government was totally ignorant of this deplorable state of affairs at Adrianople till some time

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