Researches Into the History of Playing Cards: With Illustrations of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood ...

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R. Triphook, 1816 - Card games - 373 pages

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Page 265 - cards seems to have been allegorized. " Or to speake of a London Comedie, how much good matter, yea and matter of state, is there in that Comedie, cal'd the play of the cards? in which it is showed, how foure parasiticall Knaues robbe the foure principall vocations of the realme,
Page 14 - No person in the army is permitted to play at any sort of game for money, except knights and clergymen; who in one whole day and night shall not, each, lose more than twenty shillings, on pain of forfeiting one hundred shillings to the archbishop of the army. The two Kings
Page 326 - RUFF and Honours (alias slamm) and Whist, are games so commonly known in England in all parts thereof, that every child almost of eight years old hath a competent knowledge in that recreation, and therefore I am unwilling to speak
Page 160 - in Germany; and it is a great honour to the German nation, that such ingenious men were found in it. This happened in the year of our Lord MCCCCXL ; and from that time
Page 257 - the table is of that form. To play this game well, attention and quietness are said to be absolutely necessary ; " for if a player be ever so expert, he will be apt to fall into mistakes if he thinks of any thing else, or is disturbed by the conversation of
Page 261 - me do, see thou do even the same; There are five trumps besides the queen, the hindmost thou shall find her; Take heed of Sim Glover's wife, she hath an eye behind her. Trump is thought to have borne some resemblance to the modern game of Whist,
Page 247 - unto his stake, That of his fortune he full proofe may make. At last both eldest hand and five and fifty, He thinketh now or never (thrive unthrifty) Now for the greatest rest he hath the push: But Crassus stopt a club, and so was flush: And thus what with the stop, and with the
Page 320 - GAMING is an enchanting witchery, gotten betwixt idleness and avarice: an itching disease, that makes some scratch the head, whilst others, as if they were bitten by a tarantula, are laughing themselves to death: or lastly, it is a paralytical distemper, which seizing the arm the man cannot choose but shake his elbow. It

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