Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Timour at Samarcand, A.D. 1403-6

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Hakluyt Society, 1859 - Asia - 200 pages

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Page 128 - Babylon," and were received by Tfmur on Monday, September 8. He " was seated in a portal, in front of the entrance of a beautiful palace ; and he was sitting on the ground. Before him there was a fountain, which threw up the water very high, and in it there were some red apples. The lord was seated cross-legged, on silken embroidered carpets, amongst round pillows. He was dressed in a robe of silk, with a high white hat on his head, on the top of which there was a special ruby, with pearls and precious...
Page 149 - Timur was beaten in the first engagement through those 50 mailed elephants, but on the following day Timur took many camels and loaded them with dry grass placing them in front of the elephants. When the battle began, he caused the grass to be set on fire and when the elephants saw the burning straw upon the camels, they...
Page 118 - He states that the ravine looked 'as if it had been artificially cut, and the hills rise to a great height on either side, and the pass is smooth, and very deep. In the centre of the pass there is a village, and the mountain rises to a great height behind. This pass is called the Gates of Iron...
Page 120 - Samarcand gave the order ; because the sun and lion, which are here represented, are the arms of the lords of Samarcand; and those which Timour Beg bears, are three circles like O's, drawn in this manner °° and this is to signify that he is lord of the three parts of the world.
Page 152 - These elephants were black, and had no hair except upon their tails, which were like those of camels. The animals were very large, equal in size to four or five great bulls, and their bodies were quite shapeless, like a full sack. Their legs were very thick, and the same size all the way down...
Page 167 - Samarcand] is also very rich in merchandize which comes from other parts. Russia and Tartary send linen and skins; China sends silks, which are the best in the world, (more especially the satins), and musk, which is found in no other part of the world, rubies and diamonds, pearls and rhubarb, and many other things. The merchandize which comes from China is the best and most precious which comes to this city, and they say that the people of China are the most skilful workmen in the world. They say...
Page 159 - Balaxia, which is a great city where rubies are found ; and he came with a large troop of knights and followers. The ambassadors went to this lord of Balaxia, and asked him how he got the rubies ; and he replied that near the city there was a mountain whence they brought them, and that every day they broke up a rock in search of them. He said that when they found a vein they got out the rubies skilfully by breaking the rock all round with chisels.
Page 118 - gates of iron" are without woods ; and in former times, they say that there were great gates, covered with iron, placed across the pass, so that no one could pass without an order.
Page 17 - Clavijo commented in 1403 that: '. . . the voyage from Rhodes to Chios is dangerous, as the land of Turkey is very close on the right hand; and there are many islands, both inhabited and desert, on the other side; so that it is dangerous to sail over this route at night, or in bad...
Page 146 - On these gallows he forthwith hanged several persons of quality, besides " certain traders who had sold meat for more than it was worth," and some shoemakers. " The custom is," adds Clavijo, " that, when a great man is put to death, he is hanged ; but the meaner sort are beheaded " — a curious inversion of the mediaeval practice in England.

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