A General History of the Christian Church: From the Fall of the Western Empire to the Present Time, Volume 4

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author, 1803 - Church history
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Page 157 - ... by public authority ; that the laity neglected their secular affairs by repairing to these meetings, which filled their heads with notions, and might occasion disputes and seditions in the state ; that it was good for the church to have but few preachers, three or four in a county being sufficient...
Page 213 - By the Eternal and Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth for ever, I become your liege-man, and truth and faith shall bear unto you, and live and die with you, against all manner of folk whatever, in your service, according to the National Covenant and Solemn League and Covenant.
Page 270 - After this they are thrown into the hospital already described. I went thither after the execution, and could not refrain from tears at the sight of so much barbarity. They quickly perceived it, and though...
Page 168 - Then rising from his chair, the kin* said, " If this be all your party have to say, I will make them conform, or I will hurry them out of this land, or else worse ;" and he was as good as his word.
Page 149 - And when they offered him the canons, he refused, saying, " I have nothing in the church but a prebend in Salisbury, and much good may it do you if you take it from me.
Page 269 - ... to the mysteries of the mass ; and that he was proceeding to acquaint the captain therewith. The very name of bastinado terrified me; and though I had never seen this dreadful execution, I begged the comite to forbear till the next Sunday; and said that in the mean time I would endeavour to convince them of what I then thought their duty and my own. Accordingly I tried all the methods I could possibly think of for that purpose; sometimes making use of fair means, giving them victuals and doing...
Page 317 - Some other regulations took place in their favour ; particularly a right of appeal, in all cafes of grievance, to a tribunal, in which a certain number of their own communion were to be admitted as aflcflbrs.
Page 384 - Trinity became a stumbling block to both. Manning even became a Socinian, and strove hard to bring his friend into those opinions, but Mr. Emlyn could never be made to doubt either of the pre-existence of our Saviour, as the Logos, or that God created the material world by him.
Page 389 - ... them who have troubled others; but to them who are troubled, rest and peace; and they who conscientiously erred, will surely fare better than those who have persecuted them for such error. For they shall have judgment without mercy, who show no mercy. But I heartily and daily pray, this may never be the portion of any who have injured me; and, as I hope the good God will forgive me if I have erred, since he knows 'tis with sincerity, and that I suffer for what I take to be his truth and glory;...
Page 173 - English government had been an absolute monarchy: that the king was not bound by the laws, or by his coronation oath; and that, independent of parliament, he pos* Hume's History of England.

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