Modern Spiritualism: A History and a Criticism, Volume 1

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Methuen & Company, 1902 - Spiritualism
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Page 336 - The Master Christian " is a powerful book ; that it is one likely to raise uncomfortable questions in all but the most self-satisfied readers, and that it strikes at the root of the failure of the Churches — the decay of faith — in a manner which shows the inevitable disaster heaping up ... The good Cardinal Bonpre is a beautiful figure, fit to stand beside the good Bishop in
Page 322 - At last there is an adequate modern edition of Gibbon. ... The best edition the nineteenth century could produce.
Page 337 - A picture finely and amply conceived. In the strength and insight in which the story has been conceived, in the wealth of fancy and reflection bestowed upon its execution, and in the moving sincerity of its pathos throughout, " Sir Richard Calmady" must rank as the great novel of a great writer.
Page 327 - LUCIAN— Six Dialogues (Nigrinus, Icaro-Menippus, The Cock, The Ship, The Parasite, The Lover of Falsehood). Translated by ST Irwin, MA 3*.
Page 326 - A practically new translation of this book, which the reader has, almost for the first time, exactly in the shape in which it left the hands of the author. ' A nearer approach to the original than has yet existed in English.
Page 325 - A partially modernised version, from the MS. in the British Museum of a book which Dr. Dalgairns terms ' One of the most remarkable books of the Middle Ages.
Page 315 - Burton. THE MILL ON THE FLOSS. By George Eliot. PETER SIMPLE. By Captain Marryat. MARY BARTON. By Mrs. Gaskell. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. By Jane Austen. NORTH AND SOUTH. By Mrs. Gaskell. JACOB FAITHFUL. By Captain Marryat SHIRLEY. By Charlotte BronteFAIRY TALES RE- TOLD.
Page 329 - A history written in the spirit of scientific precision so worthily represented by Dr. Petrie and his school cannot but promote sound and accurate study, and supply a vacant place in the English literature of Egyptology.
Page 317 - Bvo. 3*. 6d. . A completely new edition of the wellknown biography of RS Hawker. DARTMOOR : A Descriptive and Historical Sketch. With Plans and numerous Illustrations. Crown Bvo. 6s. ' A most delightful guide, companion and instructor.
Page 326 - METHUEN'S PUBLICATIONS Poetry Rudyard Kipling. BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS. By RUDYARD KIPLING. 68tA Thousand. Crown 8vo. 6s. Leather, 6s. net. ' Mr. Kipling's verse is strong, vivid, full of character. . . . Unmistakeable genius rings in every line.' — Times. ' The ballads teem with imagination, they palpitate with emotion. We read them with laughter and tears ; the metres throb in our pulses, the cunningly ordered words tingle with life ; and if this be not poetry, what is ? '—Pall Mall Gazette.

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