The North American Journal of Homeopathy, Volume 60

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American Medical Union, 1912
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Page 111 - Then to side with Truth is noble when we share her wretched crust. Ere her cause bring fame and profit, and 'tis prosperous to be just. Then it is the brave man chooses, while the coward stands aside. Doubting in his abject spirit, till his Lord is crucified. And the multitude make virtue of the faith they had denied.
Page 45 - If a teacher, though a genins, would attempt to "prove all things and hold fast to that which is good," he would keep on all through life proving things and would have no time to "hold fast.
Page 257 - Nervous and Mental Diseases. By ARCHIBALD CHURCH, MD, Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases...
Page 665 - Meantime I seek no sympathies, nor need ; The thorns which I have reap'd are of the tree I planted, — they have torn me — and I bleed : I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.
Page 106 - OF all the thoughts of God that are Borne inward into souls afar, Along the Psalmist's music deep, Now tell me if that any is, For gift or grace, surpassing this — ' He giveth His beloved, sleep'?
Page 105 - Macbeth does murder sleep, the innocent sleep ; Sleep, that knits up the ravelled sleave* of care, The death of each day's life, sore labor's bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, Chief nourisher in life's feast ; — Lady M.
Page 578 - MD, Professor of Gastro-enterology and Therapeutics in the Atlanta School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia.
Page 578 - Dr. Cabot's work takes up diagnosis from the point of view of the presenting symptom — the symptom in any disease which holds the foreground in the clinical picture : the principal complaint. It groups...
Page 257 - Diseases of the Skin and the Eruptive Fevers. By JAY FRANK SCHAMBERG, MD, Professor of Dermatology and Infectious Eruptive Diseases in the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine.
Page 373 - The accepted definition of a homoeopathic physician is "one who adds to his knowledge of medicine a special knowledge of homoeopathic therapeutics and observes the law of similia. All that pertains to the great field of medical learning is his by tradition, by inheritance, by right.

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