Awake My Love

Front Cover, Sep 4, 2008 - 207 pages
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A fast-paced novel about a young woman who, after having made so many bad choices, she now finds herself in a situation where her life hangs in the balance. On December 19, 1949, when twenty-one year old Sara Sizemore boards the train for a trip to New York City to spend Christmas holidays with her Aunt Mary and Cousin Beth, she has only one thing in mind-she wants to get away from her Christian mother! Four days later when Beth arrives at Grand Central Station in New York City, she discovers Sara is not on the train. Sara, who has a past history of being rebellious and a runaway, has now been kidnapped. Scared and desperate, she manages to escape from the trunk of her captor's car, but then finds herself utterly lost in the deep forest in Pasadena, California. Eight days later, severely dehydrated and near death, Sara must now come to grip with her past.

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