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To whom

indeed can a soldier dedicate

his work with so much propriety as to a Prince who by the unanimous suffrage of the British Army is hailed by the glorious

title of " The Soldier's Friend?”

I can only regret that these volumes are not more worthy the patronage with which Your Royal Highness has been pleased to honour them, by deigning to accept their dedication ; but whatever they may want in interest, from the confined opportunities of a Prisoner, I trust they will be found to contain the expression of the patriotic feelings of a British Officer, who glories in his unalterable attachment


to Your Royal Highness's August House, as well as in the devotion and respect with which he has the honour to be,


Your Royal Highness's

most obedient

and most faithful humble servant,


harian Stadinane 11-26-37 37110



It is the common custom of travellers to publish their Journals with a prefatory apology for their literary faults, on the ground of their not having been intended for publication ; but although the author of the following pages is truly entitled to plead this excuse in bar of severe criticism, he waves that right, convinced that it can neither add to the merit of the work nor efficiently apologize for its defects. He begs the reader, however, to bear in mind, that though the peculiar situation in which he was placed frequently deprived him of the opportunity of immediately putting pen to paper, yet he has endeavoured from recollection to supply that deficiency though perhaps at some distance of time A 4

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after the circumstances happened. This, he trusts, will excuse any inaccuracies that may be met with; for, without affectation, he must declare that he had not originally any idea of offering this narrative to public notice.

Nor is it his intention to enter into the circumstances, which from enemies united Great Britain and Spaiu in one common cause, the glorious one of Justice, Humanity, and the Independence of all Europe. It is sufficient to say, that the sympathising generosity of the English nation could not contemplate the freedom of a gallant people, in danger of being annihilated, without affording its assistance to snatch them from the abyss.

The system of operations laid down for the conduct of the war in Spain, at the time this Narrative commences, being to distract the enemy's attention by calling it towards as many distant points as possible, the author was in consequence appointed to the command of a detachment of British and foreign troops in the English service,


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