Conditions in the Coal Mines of Colorado: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Mines and Mining ... Pursuant to H. Res. 387, a Resolution Authorizing and Directing the Committee ... to Make an Investigation, Volume 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - Coal Miners' Strike, Colorado, 1913-1914
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Page 1507 - I am, sir, Q. How long have you known him ? A. Well, I have known him for ten or eleven years.
Page 2115 - If any day men refuse to continue at work because of a grievance which has or has not been taken up for adjustment in the manner provided herein, and such action shall seem likely to impede the operation of the mine, the pit committee shall...
Page 2385 - ... was that stated in a conversation with Sheriff Farr? A. Well, he was an organizer. Q. For what! A. The United Mine Workers of America, and he had been trailed around and watched. You see, Reno always sends out a description — Congressman Austin: Just state who Reno is so the record will show. AWH Reno, the chief detective or special agent for the Colorado Fuel & Iron Co., used to furnish a description of all organizers that came into the district or was suspected of being an organizer, and...
Page 1700 - CHITTENDEN was thereupon called as a witness, and having been first duly sworn, testified as follows : DIRECT EXAMINATION By Mr.
Page 2095 - Q. You know nothing about that? — A. No, sir; I know nothing about that. Q. Now, it has been put in evidence, if I may be allowed to state it simply to save time, that your old guns were taken up at Niobrara, and you were given new guns and new ammunition? — A. Yes, sir. Q.
Page 1489 - A. Yes, sir. Q. Would you mind stating how you know that? — A. Because I investigated the matter; Atlanta required me to investigate those; that was the stuff that was taught us by Atlanta, when we started to organize the thing in Texas.
Page 2115 - In case of any local trouble arising at any shaft through such failure to agree between the pit boss and any miner or mine laborer, the pit committee and the miners...
Page 1620 - CARLSON was thereupon called as a witness, and having been duly sworn, testified as follows : Direct examination by Mr.
Page 1939 - Are you a member of the brewers' union ? A. Yes, sir. Q. How long have you been a member of that union ? A.
Page 1994 - I am not asking you about that. I am asking you about the law of the situation.