The Poems of Roger Wolcott, Esq., 1725

Front Cover
Club of Odd Volumes, 1898 - Connecticut - 89 pages
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Page 7 - A Brief Account of the Agency of the Honourable John Winthrop, Esq ; in the Court of King Charles the Second, Anno Dom. 1662, When he obtained for the Colony of Connecticut His Majesty's Gracious CHARTER ; " in which the author relates the early history of the Colony, the Pequot war, etc.
Page 24 - For faithless jEolus, meditating harms, Breaks up the peace, and priding much in arms, Unbars the great artillery of heaven, And at the fatal signal by him given, The cloudy chariots threatening take the plains ; Drawn by wing'd steeds, hard pressing on their reins. These vast battalions, in dire aspect rais'd, Start from the barriers — night with lightning blaz'd.
Page 33 - Let some of your Chief Leaders come to Land, 'And now with Me join their right Hand to Hand. 'Sails lower amain, nor Oars now touch the Flood, 'Down drop the Anchors deep into the Mud. Their Chiefs Repair to Land, & with them bring 'Obliging Presents for the Indian King.
Page 32 - So we, amazed at these seen delights, Which to fruition every sense invites, Our eager minds, already captive made, Grow most impatient now to be delay'd, This most delightful country to possess ; And forward, with industrious speed, we press, Upon the virgin stream, who had, as yet, Never been violated with a ship.
Page 26 - Which falling on the deck, the bulk-head breaks ; The sailors cling to ropes, and frighted cry, ' The ship is foundered, we die ! we die...
Page 24 - And now they wholly to this work devote, Mind not the country they are going out : Their ancient homes they leave, to come no more. Their weeping friends and kindred on the shore They bid adieu, and with an aching heart Shake hands ; 5tis hard when dearest friends must part.
Page 26 - The ship is foundered, we die ! we die ! ' Those in the cabin heard the sailors screech ; All rise, and reverend Warham do beseech, That he would now lift up to heaven a cry For preservation in extremity. He with a faith sure bottom'd on the word Of Him that...
Page 17 - And suffer thine Eternal SON to dye, To Reconcile thy stubborn Enemy ! MATTHEW X: 28. And fear not them that can kill the body, but are not able to kill the Soul : But rather fear Him which is able to destroy both Soul and Body in Hell. And is our Life a life wherein we borrow No not the smallest respite from our Sorrow ? Our Profits, are they but some Yellow Dust, Subject to Loss, to Canker-eat, and Rust ? Whose very Image breedeth ceaseless Cares, In every Mind where it Dominion bears ? And are...
Page 22 - Feet, O may He Pardon us, while we Entreat, Your Royal Favour in the thing we want; T' Incorporate us by Your CHARTER-Grant. The Land we've Purchas'd, or Subdu'd by Fight, And Bought of Fenwick what was Warwick's Right, And all at the Endeavour of our Own, Without the least Dis-bursement from the Throne.

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