Memoirs of His Own Life

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Bannatyne Club, 1827 - Scotland - 420 pages

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Page xviii - Memoirs of Sir James Melvil of Hall-hill, containing an Impartial Account of the Most Remarkable Affairs of State during the Last Age, not mentioned by other Historians ; more particularly Relating to the Kingdoms of England and Scotland under the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, and King James, In all which Transactions the Author was Personally and Publicly Concerned.
Page xvii - ... Reasons inducing me to be so much concerned in the promoting this Affair, submitting very willingly, the grounds prompting me hereto, to your most narrow scrutiny, whether in so doing I act Rationally or not? Having at London in the year 1679, the opportunity of frequent converse with several [2] Substantial and Judicious Gentlemen concerned in the American Plantations, I had thereby the opportunity of understanding thorougly the great advantage redounding to that City from Undertakings of this...
Page 390 - ... toyes. And becaufe ane auld fely pure plowman, callit Grey Meill, chancit to fay that " nathing ailit the King yet, God be thankit," the deuell gaif him a gret blaw. Then dyuers amang them enterit in a raifonyng, maruelling that all ther deuellerie culd do na harm to the K. as it did till others dyuers. The deuell anfwerit,
Page 158 - Cicill roundit the newes in hir ear of the prince birth, all merines was layed...
Page xx - ... nine years employed by him, and had a pension settled on him by the king. Then, obtaining leave to travel, he went into Germany ; where being detained by the elector palatine, he resided at his court three years, and was employed by him on several embassies. After this, prosecuting his intentions to travel, he visited Venice, Rome, and the most famous cities of Italy, and returned through Switzerland to the elector's court ; where, finding a summons from queen Mary, who had taken possession of...
Page 63 - Sir James Melville's report runs : ' Wherfore gaif my predecessoris sa many landis and rentes to the Kirk ? Was it to mentean halkis, doggis, and hures, to a nomber of ydle prestis ? The King of England burnis, the King of Denmark l>eheadis you. Bot I sail stik you with this same quhinger.
Page 390 - God hes preferued p. 210. him in the i uidis of many dangers. Now efter that the deuell had endit his admonitions, he cam down out of the pulpit, and caufed all the company to com and kifs his ers, quhilk they faid was cauld lyk yce...
Page 122 - ... hir picture, and tok me in to hir bed chamber, and oppenit a litle lettroun wherin wer dyuers litle pictures wrapped within paiper, and wreten vpon the paiper, ther names with hir awen hand. Vpon the firft that fche tok vp was wreten,