The British Poets, Volume 3

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Little, Brown & Company, 1866
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Page 307 - That was cast out of a bochers stall. But how euer he was borne, Men wolde haue the lesse scorne, If he coulde consyder His byrth and rowme togeder, And call to his mynde How noble and how kynde To him he hathe founde Our souereyne lorde, chyfe grounde Of all this prelacy,
Page 359 - GRACE, ETC. Lenuoy. Go, lytell quayre, apace, In moost humble wyse, Before his noble grace, That caused you to deuise This lytel enterprise; And hym moost lowly pray, In his mynde to comprise Those wordes his grace dyd saye Of an ammas gray. Ie foy enterment en sa bone grace.
Page 299 - To plete a trew tryall Within Westmynster hall; In the Chauncery where he syttes, But suche as he admyttes None so hardy to speke; He sayth, thou huddypeke, Thy lernynge is to lewde, Thy tonge is nat well thewde, To seke before our grace; And openly in that place > He rages and he raues, And cals them cankerd knaues;
Page 139 - And no more ye make Of symony, men say, But a chyldes play. Ouer this, the foresayd laye Reporte howe the Pope may An holy anker call Out of the stony wall, And hym a bysshopp make, If he on hym dare take To kepe so harde a rule, To ryde vpon a mule
Page 137 - Nothynge deuoutly prayde; Theyr lernynge is so small, Theyr prymes and houres fall And lepe out of theyr lyppes Lyke sawdust or drye chyppes. I speke not nowe of all, But the moost parte in generall. Of suche vagabundus Speketh totus mundus ; Howe some synge Lcetabundus At euery ale stake, With, welcome hake and make
Page 299 - Juges of the kynges lawes, He countys them foles and dawes; Sergyantes of the coyfe eke, He sayth they are to seke In pletynge of theyr case At the Commune Place, Or at the Kynges Benche; He wryngeth them suche a wrenche, That all our lerned men Dare nat set theyr penne
Page 329 - Of Ieremy the whyskynge rod, The flayle, the scourge of almighty God. This Naman Sirus, So fell and so irous, So full of malencoly, With a flap afore his eye, Men wene that he is pocky, Or els his surgions they lye, For, as far as they can spy By the craft of surgery,
Page 192 - In our collage aboue the sterry sky, Bycause that ye encrese and amplyfy The brutid Britons of Brutus Albion, That welny was loste when that we were gone. Poeta Skelton to Maister Gower. Maister Gower, I haue nothyng deserued To haue so laudabyle a commendacion: To yow thre this honor shalbe reserued, Arrectinge vnto your wyse
Page 300 - Whether he be knyght or squyre, All men must folow his desyre. What say ye of the Scottysh kynge ? That is another thyng. He is but an yonglyng, A stalworthy stryplyng: There is a whyspring and a whipling, He shulde be hyder brought; But, and it were well sought, I trow all wyll be nought,
Page 298 - He pluckes them by the hode, And shakes them by the eare, And brynge[s] them in suche feare; He bayteth them lyke a bere, Lyke an oxe or a bull: Theyr wyttes, he saith, are dull; He sayth they haue no brayne Theyr astate to mayntayne ; And maketh them to bow theyr kne Before his maieste.

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