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Wiencek relies on his own prejudices to prove his questionable hypotheses. For instance, his desire to demonstrate the superior ability of Gilchrist over Peter's nephew, Captain Citizen Woods, was based on his erroneous and unsubstantiated conclusion. Woods had been orphaned at the age of 6. By the time he was 18, he was in the militia; by 19 a surveyor deputy sheriff and appointed overseer of the poor; by 24 he was married to Jane Walser of North Carolina. To support his growing family, he managed his own 500 acres in Virginia while assisting his Uncle at Cooleemee. Yes, Woods may have displeased his uncle but not for the reasons Wiencek wrote. By December 1830, Woods and his wife sold their Virginia properties and moved west to Carroll County, Tennessee. There, he was a very successful land agent, farmer, minister and close friend of the Governor and several Generals. Peter Hairston was displeased by the fact that he was losing a very capable asset. Wiencek should fact check before tarnishing someone's reputation, alive or dead.  

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Great book ,Had a chance to read about my family,Really enjoyed it .would love for someone to contated me with information about the hairston family. O Im sorry , my name is(
Elder) Cedric Hairston
of Jacksonville Florida the son of Samual Richard Hairston of Virgina. Didnt know much about my fathers family but i did know that he had a uncle named Henry and his mother was a black slave. My father is white and he married my mother witch her name was Mary Kathrine Hairston of Knoxville Tennessee. If anyone have any information about this Please, Please contated me .
Cedric Hairston
8787 southside
Jacksonville Florida 32256
# 904-556-9624
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