In Tents in the Transvaal

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Bentley, 1879 - South Africa - 225 pages

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Page 125 - They must see — that is, they must be made to see — that it is better to be improved, even if needs be off the face of the earth, than to remain in their present condition of barbarous, if blissful, ignorance.
Page 117 - ... one of their dances. The men wore large plumes of black feathers, which covered their heads and hung down over their shoulders. They had shields covered with cow-hide, and carried sticks, which they waved and brandished in a very warlike manner. They were continually in motion, stamping, grunting, and shouting, and at last fell into a kind of procession, which moved on towards the kraal, dancing all the way.
Page 117 - ... the kraal, dancing all the way. Every now and then some warrior, more than usually excited, would burst from the ranks, and bound, with a high-stepping action, several yards in advance. He would then stop, and with queer antics and strange gyrations, would go through the motions of killing his...
Page 160 - He can drink, it is true, any description of liquor (nominally), from champagne to bottled beer, at fabulous prices, provided he likes to pay for it — and even this is a solace denied to the inhabitants of some of these out-of-the-way villages.
Page 161 - But when a soldier has to pay eightpence for his pint of beer, he is apt to look about him for some description of beverage that will go a little further for the money...
Page 176 - The words of the Prodigal Son, " How many hired servants of my father's...
Page 120 - ... but I believe it was some kind of badinage, more pointed than polite, which it is the fashion for Kafir ladies to sit to hear on their wedding day.
Page 169 - Boers in a rising, rebellion — how do you call it? You see, I speak so vera, vera leetle English, and Mrs.
Page 62 - The inns along the road are very clean and comfortable, but very expensive, especially as regards "fluids.
Page 137 - It would take a Defoe to make the details of such an existence in the least readable.

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