Science, Volume 6

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John Michels (Journalist)
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1885 - Science
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Since Jan. 1901 the official proceedings and most of the papers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science have been included in Science.

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Page 283 - succession-tax on the transmission of badness as well as of goodness. If it discourages the extravagant expectations of gifted parents that their children will inherit all their powers, it no less discountenances extravagant fears that they will inherit all their weaknesses and
Page 356 - at first, but, at last, with such distinctness that he had no longer any doubt as to its zoological characters. Still half dreaming, in perfect darkness, he traced these characters on the sheet of paper at the bedside. In the morning he was surprised to see in his nocturnal sketch features which he thought it
Page 356 - work aside at last, and tried to dismiss it from his mind. Shortly after, he waked one night persuaded that while asleep he had seen his fish with all the missing features perfectly restored. But when he tried to hold and make fast the image, it escaped him. Nevertheless, he went early to the Jardin des
Page 115 - quite like the French academy. — a sovereign organ of the highest literary opinion, a recognized authority in matters of intellectual tone and taste, we shall hardly have, and perhaps we ought not to wish to have it.
Page 20 - of Copernicus or that of Harvey. "Nor, most assuredly, do we ask you to preserve the statue in its cynosural position in this entrancehall of our National museum of natural history as evidence that Mr. Darwin's views have received your official sanction
Page 26 - communications concerning the proposed change in the time for beginning the astronomical day, as recommended by the recent International meridian conference at Washington, the lords of the committee of council on education requested the following committee to advise them as to what steps should be taken in the matter : Prof. JC Adams,
Page 372 - found that the brain was much larger in the pliocene than in the miocène. All the tertiary mammals had small brains ; there was a gradual increase in the size of the brain during this period ; and
Page 55 - Although it is a fact that many of our largest Pennsylvania gas-wells are located near anticlinal axes, yet the position in which gas may be found, and the amount to be obtained, depend upon (a) the porosity and homogeneousness of the sandstone which serves as a reservoir to hold the gas; (6) the
Page 18 - propounded, whatever adumbrations or anticipations of his doctrines may be found in the writings of his predecessors, the broad fact remains, that since the publication, and by reason of the publication, of the 'Origin of species,' the fundamental conceptions and the aims of the students of living nature have been completely changed. From that work has sprung a great renewal, a true
Page 356 - the fossil itself should reveal. He hastened to the Jardin des plantes, and. with his drawing as a guide, succeeded in chiselling away the surface of the stone under which portions of the fish proved to be hidden.

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