The traveller's new guide through Ireland

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Cumming, 1815 - 574 pages

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Page 65 - Long before that period, however, the city had vastly declined in importance, having become — we quote from Ware — " waste and desolate, a den and nest for thieves and robbers; so that more murders are committed in that valley than in any other place in Ireland, occasioned by the vast desert solitude thereof.
Page 107 - Kildare, an inland county of the province of Leinster, is bounded on the north by Meath ; on the east by Dublin and Wicklow ; on the south by Carlow ; and on the west by the King's and Queen's counties. It...
Page 462 - NA NGALL ("Fort of the Foreigners"), most northerly county of Ireland, bounded on the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east by Lough (lake) Foyle and Northern Ireland, and on the south by Northern Ireland and County Leitrim, Ireland. Its land area is 1.86S square miles (4,830 square km).
Page 204 - Oaxaca, on the south by the ocean, and on the west by the intendancy of Mexico. Its greatest length, from the mouth of the small river Tecoyame to near Mexitlan, is 118 leagues, and its greatest breadth from Techuacan to Mecameca is 50 leagues.
Page 162 - At Grange, near Drogheda, is a vaulted cave, in the form of a cross, with a gallery leading to it eighty feet long ; and three miles beyond Drogheda are the ruins of the ancient Abbey of Monaster-boici ; two chapels, a round tower, and a large stone cross, called St. Boyne's cross, deemed the most ancient religious relic now in Ireland.
Page 5 - Exchange may, perhaps, rank next in beauty to the Bank. It was commenced in 1769, and finished in 1779, under the immediate direction of Mr. Thomas Cooley, an artist to whom Dublin is indebted for other fine structures. Its form is nearly a square of one hundred feet, having three fronts of Portland stone, in the Corinthian order, crowned by a dome in the centre of the building. The interior is a happy combination of elegance and convenience.* The Custom-house was designed and erected by Mr.
Page 215 - Blackwater. The entrance is by an ancient and venerable avenue of trees ; over the gate are the arms of the first Earl of Cork ; opposite to the entrance is a modern portico of...
Page 254 - AD 513, Fergus, a prince of the royal line, having obtained the Scottish throne, procured the use of this stone for his coronation at...
Page 249 - It gives the title of Earl to a branch of the family of Erskine.
Page 34 - ... it is about three quarters of a mile in length, and about half a mile in breadth.

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