The Western Medical Reporter, Volume 12

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Page 252 - Headache almost always yields to the simultaneous application of hot water to the feet and back of the neck. A towel folded, dipped in hot water, wrung out rapidly, and applied to the stomach, acts like magic in cases of colic.
Page 212 - Medical Dictionary. Including all the Words and Phrases used in Medicine, with their proper Pronunciation and Definitions, based on Recent Medical Literature. By GEORGE M. GOULD...
Page 159 - THE PSYCHIC LIFE OF MICRO-ORGANISMS: A STUDY IN EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY.' By Alfred Binet. Translated from the French by Thomas McCormack, with a preface by the author written especially for the American edition. Chicago.
Page 111 - When the old nest is found inconvenient, and they have to migrate, it is the slaves which determine the migration, and actually carry their masters in their jaws. So utterly helpless are the masters, that when Huber shut up thirty of them without a slave, but with plenty of the food which they like best, and with their own larvae and pupae to stimulate them to work, they did nothing; they could not even feed themselves, and many perished of hunger. Huber then introduced a single slave (F.
Page 260 - A Treatise on Diseases of the Nose and Throat. In two volumes. By Francke Huntington Bosworth, AM, MD, professor of diseases of the throat in the...
Page 233 - And often at noon, when I went there to drink it, I enjoyed it as much as I now enjoy beer. How ardent I seized it with hands that were grimy ! And quick to the mud-covered bottom it fell ! Then, reeking with nitrates and nitrites, and slimy With matter organic, it rose from the well.
Page 111 - The workers or sterile females, though most energetic and courageous in capturing slaves, do no other work. They are incapable of making their own nests, or of feeding their own larvae. When the old nest is found inconvenient, and they have to migrate, it is the slaves...
Page 136 - THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS in Childhood, Youth, Adult Age, and Advanced Life (Functions and Disorders of), considered in their Physiological, Social, and Moral Relations, by WILLIAM ACTON, MRCS Sixth Edition, 8vo, 12s.
Page 266 - M., thirty minims of somnal (or rather a drachm of a mixture of equal parts of somnal and whiskey), well diluted, and went into an adjoining room to speak to an attendant. Upon my return I was surprised to find him fast asleep, although I had not been away from him more than fifteen minutes. He slept for four hours, and then was able to take something to eat. At ten o'clock he had another dose and he slept until seven the next morning, having waken up...
Page 233 - And the old oaken bucket, the mould-crusted bucket, The moss-covered bucket that hung in the well. Just think of it ! Moss on the vessel that lifted The water I drank in the days called to mind ; Ere I knew what professors and scientists gifted In the...

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