History of the State of Delaware, Volume 2

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The author, 1908 - Delaware
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Page 560 - Dear lovely bowers of innocence and ease, Seats of my youth, when every sport could please, How often have I loitered o'er thy green, Where humble happiness endeared each scene...
Page 588 - Cross-Roads; therefore Resolved unanimously, That, in the opinion of this General Assembly, the Legislature of this State ought not to be subject to the caprice of any individual in the State, and that it will not be proper for them to hold their sessions in the Town of Dover, and that it be recommended to the Convention of this State, and it is hereby recommended to said Convention, to fix the place of meeting of the Legislature, under the new Constitution, at Duck Creek Cross-Roads, unless the...
Page 583 - to adjust and settle the Sum and Sums of Money which ought of NECESSITY to be raised yearly, to pay for Representatives...
Page 783 - ... reach again the memorable interview at Barrett's Chapel; and here, in the forest solitude, the momentous scheme of Coke's mission was fully disclosed, the first General Conference of American Methodism appointed, Garrettson " sent off like an arrow " to summon it together, and the project of Dickins, for a Methodist college, revived. It was with prayerful counsels, sacramental solemnities, liberal devisings, and with sitting and shouting, that the young denomination prepared, in this woodland...
Page 751 - Passayunk: the priest's garden and mansion house are at the distance of four English miles from Philadelphia, a clever town, built by Quakers. The population is very thin and scattered, all along the river shore; so that some have sixteen miles to walk or ride to go to church: nevertheless they very regularly attend divine service on Sundays, &c.
Page 584 - ... destroying wolves, foxes and wild-cats, with such other uses as may redound to the public service and benefit of the said counties, respectively : And shall, also, ascertain and set down such competent sum and sums of money as shall be, yearly, applied towards any of the said services; together with such sums, as may be needful, to make good deficiencies in county rates assessed, and not then (and which probably could not be) collected; and to enforce the collection thereof, as occasion may require....
Page 759 - Poor Brother Jenkins at Appoquinimink was baited to death by mosquitoes and blood-thirsty gal-nippers, which would not let him rest day or night till he got a fever and died of a calenture. Nobody that is not born there can abide there till he is mosquito-proof.
Page 587 - ... president; they then marched two and two, followed by the light infantry in slow time, .with music, round the square, then forming a circle about a fire prepared in the middle of the square for that purpose, the president, pronouncing the following words, committed it to the flames: "Compelled by strong necessity, thus we destroy even the shadow of that king who refused to reign over a free people.
Page 632 - Clarke, surveyor of ye counties of Kent and Sussex to lay out in ye land appointed for ye town of Dover in ye county of Kent, one high street, one hundred and fifty feet wide, and two back streets, each sixty-six feet broad, to run from ye water side throughout, and one cross street one hundred and fifty feet broad where ye high road crosseth ye said town land — also order ye Court House and Prison be built in ye cross street of ye said town.
Page 583 - Monday of June, at the place where the court of common pleas is usually held in the respective counties, and then, or at such other times as the commissioners may then appoint, shall examine and...

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