Plants and Their Children

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American book Company, 1896 - Botany - 272 pages

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Page 183 - You call it sundew: how it grows, If with its colour it have breath, If life taste sweet to it, if death Pain its soft petal, no man knows: Man has no sight or sense that saith.
Page 183 - A live thing maybe; who shall know ? The summer knows and suffers it; For the cool moss is thick and sweet Each side, and saves the blossom so That it lives out the long June heat. The deep scent of the heather burns About it; breathless though it be, Bow down and worship; more than...
Page 214 - Children, she says, are taught that " the kind cow " gives them her milk ; that "a plant does not like to send its young, delicate leaves and flowers into the cold world without wrapping them up, any more than your mother would like to send your baby brother out for the first time without a great deal of such bundling up ;" that the queen bee " is very generous to the young queen, who of course is her own daughter, and leaves all the furniture and silver spoons and everything of that sort behind.
Page 180 - What's this I hear About the new carnivora ? Can little plants Eat bugs and ants And gnats and flies ? — A sort of retrograding ; Surely the fare Of flowers is air Or sunshine sweet ; They shouldn't eat Or do aught so degrading...
Page 146 - The food of plants is spoken of as the "plant's bill of fare," and in experssing the fact that the crude sap which is taken up by the roots needs to be converted into elaborated sap before it may be used as food, she says "When the watery broth is cooked in the sun, the heat of the sun's rays causes the water to pass off through the little leaf mouths. Thus the broth :s made fit for plant food.
Page 65 - Sept. 21, 1859. Heard in the night a snapping sound, and the fall of some small body on the floor from time to time. In the morning I found it was produced by the witch-hazel nuts on my desk springing open and casting their seeds quite across my chamber, hard and stony as these nuts were.
Page 51 - A very popular book on plants represents each plant as thinking, feeling, knowing what goes on about it, and planning for its own welfare and that of its seeds. For instance : " Now, if the Persian, peach had not made its fruit very juicy and delicious, it is not likely that any one would have taken the trouble to bring its " seeds way over here to us. But this peach, being what it is, one of the most delicious of fruits, the tree was rewarded for its pains by having its children taken where they...
Page 180 - What's this I hear About the new carnivora? Can little plants Eat bugs and ants? Why this is retrograding ! Surely the fare Of flowers is air, Or sunshine sweet. They should not eat, Or do aught so degrading.
Page 95 - Now what I want you to do is this : I want you to decide this case fairly and impartially to both sides.

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