The History of Maryland: To which are Added Brief Biographies of Distinguished Statesmen, Philanthropists, Theologians, Etc.; Prepared for the Schools of Maryland

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E. H. Butler, 1866 - Maryland - 164 pages
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Page 104 - That hereafter, in this state, there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except in punishment of crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted ; and all persons held to service or labor as slaves are hereby declared free.
Page 75 - Britain, the arbitrary and vindictive statutes passed under colour of punishing a Riot, to subdue by Military force, and by Famine, the Massachusetts Bay ; the unlimited power assumed by Parliament to alter the Charter of that Province, and the Constitution of all the Colonies, thereby destroying the essential securities of the Lives, Liberties and properties of the Colonists ; the Commencement of hostilities by the Ministerial Forces, and the cruel prosecution of the War against the No.
Page 76 - ... confusion ; we do, in like manner unite, associate and solemnly engage, in maintenance of good order and the public peace, to support the civil power in the due execution of the laws, so far as may be consistent with the present plan of opposition, and to defend, with our utmost power, all persons from every species of outrage to themselves or their property, and to prevent any punishment from being inflicted on any offenders, other than such as shall be adjudged by the civil magistrate, the...
Page 75 - Association of the Freemen of Maryland 26'"' July 1775. The long premeditated, and now avowed Design of the British Government, to raise a Revenue from the property of the Colonists without their consent...
Page 69 - Annapolis, which can boast a greater number of fashionable and handsome women, and were I not satisfied to the contrary, I should suppose that the majority of our belles possessed every advantage of a long and familiar intercourse with the manners and habits of your great metropolis.
Page 10 - ... of erecting and founding churches, chapels and places of worship in convenient and suitable places, and of causing the land to be dedicated according to the laws of the Kingdom of England. The territories described by the charter extended from Watkins' Point, opposite the mouth of the Potomac River, northward to the fortieth degree of north latitude, and from the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay on the east, to the Potomac River on the west. It will be seen that this included a part of what is...
Page 76 - And we do unite and associate as one band, and firmly and solemnly engage and pledge ourselves to each other and to America, that we will to the utmost of our power promote and support the present opposition, carrying on, as well by arms as by the Continental association restraining our commerce.
Page 141 - At one time of this day he held the swords of seven British officers, who had surrendered to him.
Page 117 - To be sold, a schoolmaster, an indented servant that has got two years to serve.' John Hammond, near Annapolis. NB ' He is sold for no fault, any more than we are done with him. He can learn book-keeping, and is an excellent scholar.
Page 76 - And as in these times of public danger and until a reconciliation with Great Britain on constitutional principles is effected (an event we most ardently wish may soon take place) the energy of government may be greatly impaired, so that even zeal unrestrained may be productive of anarchy and confusion ; we do in like manner unite, associate and solemnly engage in maintenance of good order and the public peace to support the civil power in the due execution of the laws, so far as may be consistent...

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