Journal of a Tour in Asia Minor: With Comparative Remarks on the Ancient and Modern Geography of that Country

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J. Murray, 1824 - Turkey - 362 pages
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Page 66 - Ab re nomen habet, non ligni modo quicquam sed ne spinas quidem aut ullum aliud alimentum fert ignis: fimo bubulo pro lignis utuntur. Ad...
Page 7 - At the end of an hour we come suddenly upon a view of the lake Ascanius. It is about ten miles long, and four wide; surrounded on three sides by steep woody slopes, behind which rise the snowy summits of the Olympus range.
Page 50 - The city, like all those renowned for superior sanctity, abounds with Dervishes, who meet the passenger at every turning of the streets, and demand paras with the greatest clamour and insolence.
Page 16 - Mr. BURKE moved to amend this proposition in such a manner as to leave it in the power of the accused to put off the trial to the next session, provided he made it appear to the court that the evidence of the witnesses, for whom process was granted but not served, was material to his defence. Mr. HARTLEY said, that in securing him the right of compulsory process, the Government did all...
Page 46 - Metropolitan bishop, who has several dependent churches in the adjacent towns. As it is now the moon Ramazan, when the Turks neither take nourishment nor receive visits till after sunset, we are obliged to defer our visit to the Governor of Konia till the evening. He is a Pasha of three tails, but inferior in rank to the Governor of Kutaya, who tias the htle of Anadol-Beglerbeg, or Anadol-Valesi, and who has the chief command of all the Anatolian troops when they join the Imperial camp. Our visit,...
Page vi - ... completed his projected tour. Asia Minor is still in that state in which a disguised dress, an assumption of the medical character, great patience and perseverance, the sacrifice of all European comforts, and the concealment of pecuniary means, are necessary to enable the traveller thoroughly to investigate the country, when otherwise qualified for the task by literary and scientific attainments, and by an intimate knowledge of the language and manners of the people.
Page 343 - I suppose the temple to have bees an octastyle dipterus, with seventeen columns in the flanks ; though in regard to the number in the flanks, I am more guided by the proportion of the other dipteral temples of the Ionic order than by any proof that can be derived from the ruins in their present state. The gradual diminution of...
Page 50 - Mevlana, the founder of the Mevlevi Dervishes. His sepulchre, which is the object of a Mussulman pilgrimage, is surmounted by a dome, standing upon a cylindrical tower of a bright green colour.
Page 162 - Aulocrene, as producing reeds well adapted for flutes ; and that it gave the name of Aulocrenis to a valley extending for ten miles from the lake to the eastward ; that the source of the Marsyas was in a cavern on the side of the mountain in the ancient agora of Celienae ; that the Marsyas and Meander, both of which flowed through Celaenae, united a little below the ancient site...
Page 23 - ... course of the valley to the SE, we came in sight of some sepulchral chambers, excavated with more art, and having a portico with two columns before the door, above which a range of dentils forms a cornice. The most remarkable of these excavations .... is a rock which rises to a height of upwards of 100 feet above the plain, and at the back, and on one of the sides, remains in its natural state. The ornamented part is about sixty feet square, surmounted by a kind of pediment, above which are two...

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