The Life and Teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya

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R. Venkateshwar, 1908 - Hindu philosophy - 318 pages

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Thankyou Mr Ayyangar for having such a precious book online.I really wanted to read this book.Its really nice.
Thankyou,very much.

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Page 69 - Whose good is quick and mighty, far and near, So that fruits follow it. No need hath such to live as ye name life ; That which began in him when he began Is finished : he hath wrought the purpose through Of what did make him Man. Never shall yearnings torture him, nor sins Stain him, nor ache of earthly joys and woes Invade his safe eternal peace ; nor deaths And lives recur. He goes Unto Nirvana. He is one with Life Yet lives not. He is blest, ceasing to be. Om, mani padme, om! the Dewdrop slips...
Page 94 - Yea ! and so holy was the influence Of that high Dawn which came with victory That, far and near, in homes of men there spread An unknown peace. The slayer hid his knife ; The robber laid his plunder back ; the shroff Counted full tale of coins ; all evil hearts Grew gentle, kind hearts gentler, as the balm Of that divinest Daybreak lightened Earth.
Page 94 - My dwelling, and its meanest things my mates; Clad in no prouder garb than outcasts wear, Fed with no meats save what the charitable Give of their will, sheltered by no more pomp Than the dim cave lends or the jungle-bush. This will I do because the woful cry Of life and all flesh living cometh up Into my ears, and all my soul is full Of pity for the sickness of this world; Which I will heal, if healing may be found By uttermost renouncing and strong strife.
Page 93 - If one not worn and wrinkled, sadly sage, But joyous in the glory and the grace That mix with evils here, and free to choose Earth's loveliest at his will : one even as I, Who ache not, lack not, grieve not, save with griefs Which are not mine, except as I am man ; — If such a one, having so much to give, Gave all, laying it down for love of men, And thenceforth spent himself to search for truth, Wringing the secret of deliverance forth, Whether it lurk in hells or hide in heavens, Or hover, unrevealed,...
Page 69 - If making none to lack, he thoroughly purge The lie and lust of self forth from his blood ; Suffering all meekly, rendering for offence Nothing but grace and good; If he shall day by day dwell merciful, Holy and just and kind and true ; and rend Desire from where it clings with bleeding roots, Till love of life have end...
Page 93 - This will I do, who have a realm to lose, Because I love my realm, because my heart Beats with each throb of all the hearts that ache, Known and unknown, these that are mine and those Which shall be mine, a thousand million more Saved by this sacrifice I offer now.
Page 95 - Sitting forlorn at Prince Siddartha's bed, Came sudden bliss, as if love should not fail Nor such vast sorrow miss to end in joy. So glad the World was — though it wist not why — That over desolate wastes went swooning songs Of mirth, the voice of bodiless Prets and Bhuts Foreseeing Buddh; and Devas in the air Cried "It is finished, finished!" and the priests Stood with the wondering people in the streets Watching those golden splendours flood the sky, And saying "There hath happed some mighty...
Page 44 - spake He, " now I go to help the World This last of many times ; for birth and death End hence for me and those who learn my Law. I will go down among the Sakyas, Under the southward snows of Himalay, Where pious people live and a just King.
Page 45 - The dead that are to live, the live who die, Uprise, and hear, and hope! Buddha is come!" Whereat in Limbos numberless much peace Spread, and the world's heart throbbed, and a wind blew With unknown freshness over lands and seas.
Page 87 - It was ordained the Truth should come to Buddh : Which now the Master knew; wherefore he went With measured pace, steadfast, majestical, Unto the Tree of Wisdom. Oh, ye Worlds! Rejoice! our Lord wended unto the Tree!

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