A Dissertation on the Passage of Hannibal Over the Alps

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W. Baxter, 1820 - Alps - 182 pages
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Page 92 - Allobrogum cum iam Alpes peteret, non recta regione iter instituit, sed ad laevam in Tricastinos flexit : inde per extremam oram Vocontiorum agri tendit in Tricorios, haud usquam inpedita via, priusquam ad Dmentiam flumen perve10 nit.
Page 32 - Caesar says, that the people principally worshipped Mercury, who had the same office among the Roman deities. The name, therefore, of Mons Thuates, would argue a passage here of very high antiquity. and the temple, if really dedicated to Mercury, would tend strongly to the confirmation of this opinion.
Page 174 - Bouclier votif, qui est trcs entier et très conservé, est de la même forme, c'est à dire, exactement rond, à peu près de la même grandeur et du même poids que le précédent, mais il n'est pas à beaucoup près aussi chargé de figures et d'ornements. On ya seulement représenté au centre, un lion sous un palmier, et au bas dans une espèce d'Exergue les membres épars de divers animaux, sur-tout de sangliers. De ce centre partent des rayons d'une ciselure simple et noble, qui s'élevant...
Page 76 - Didier, or at the commencement of the plains of the Po, and the real termination of those mountains ? It is a question of importance, because it is necessary for us to know where our distance of a hundred and fifty miles, which Polybius gives as the amount of the passage of the Alps, is to terminate. I think that there can be very little doubt that we must read eighteen days instead of fifteen...
Page 174 - Annibal avec son armée, lorsqu'il la menoit en Italie. On ajouta que si les Grecs et les Romains avoient coutume d'offrir aux dieux, des boucliers votifs pour leur demander des succès, ou pour les en remercier, cet usage...
Page 109 - Alimentus, qui captum se ab Hannibale scribit, maxime auctor me moveret, nisi confunderet numerum, Gallis Liguribusque additis : cum his octoginta millia peditum, decem equitum, adducta in Italiam (magis affluxisse verisimile est, et ita quidam auctores sunt) : ex ipso autem audîsse Hannibale, postquam Rhodanum transient...
Page 9 - Nobody admires more than I do, the historical merit of Livy ; the majestic flow of his narrative, in which events follow each other with rapidity, yet without hurry or confusion ; and the continual beauty and energy of his style, which transports his readers from their closets to the scene of action. But here we have to do, not with the orator, but with the witness. Considered in this view, Livy appears merely as a man of letters covered with the dust of his library, little acquainted with the art...
Page 105 - ... inde ad rupem muniendam, per quam unam via esse poterat, milites ducti, cum caedendum esset saxum, arboribus circa immanibus deiectis detruncatisque struem ingentem lignorum faciunt, eamque, cum et vis venti apta faciendo igni coorta esset, succendunt, ardentiaque saxa infuso aceto putrefaciunt. ita torridam incendio rupem ferro pandunt molliuntque anfractibus modicis clivos, ut non iumenta solum sed elephanti etiam deduci possent.
Page 19 - MARRIAGE (4th S. x. 143, 214, 278.)— Since writing the note in " N. & Q." (ante p. 143) to which Mr. Holder refers, I have had an opportunity of seeing the picture at Mr. Macmillan's, and of meeting the gentleman to whom it now belongs.
Page 108 - Nee verisimile est, ea tum ad Galliam patuisse " itinera : utique quae ad Peninum ferunt, obsepta gentibus " semigermanis fuissent. Neque, Hercule, montibus his (si " quem forte id movet) ab transitu...

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