The Nonconformist's Memorial: Being an Account of the Ministers, who Were Ejected Or Silenced After the Restoration, Particularly by the Act of Uniformity, which Took Place on Bartholomew-Day, Aug. 24, 1662 : Containing a Concise View of Their Lives and Characters ...

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Page vi - Bartholomew day was fatal to our church and religion, in throwing out a very great number .of worthy, learned, -pious, and orthodox divines, who could not come up to this, and other things in that act.
Page 38 - That the Book of Common Prayer and of ordering of bishops, priests, and deacons, containeth in it nothing contrary to the Word of God, and that it may lawfully so be used, and that he himself will use the form in the said book prescribed in public prayer and administration of the sacraments, and none other.
Page 480 - Tulford whether the presentation to Whitchurch was his : whose is it ? He told me it was not his. W. There was none presented to it these sixty years.' Mr. Walton lived there. At his departure the people desired me to preach to them, and when there was a way of settlement appointed, I was by the trustees appointed, and by the triers approved.
Page 138 - Paul's, the doctor chose a subject in which he had an opportunity of displaying his judgment and learning. 'He was heard with admiration and applause by the more intelligent part of the audience. But as he was returning from dinner with the Lord Mayor in the evening, a poor man following him, pulled him by the sleeve of his gown and asked him if he were the gentleman that preached before the Lord Mayor. He answered he was.
Page 479 - W. There was no oath given or taken. Besides, if it be enough to" accuse, who shall be innocent? I can appeal to the determination of the great day of judgment, that the large catalogue of matters laid to me, are either things invented or mistaken. B. Did not you ride with your s.worg in the time of Ike Committee of Safety, and engage with them ? W.
Page 414 - This was the most unhappy thing that had befallen him for a long time ; owned that what he had asserted was not to be maintained, and urged in his excuse, that he had but little notice of preaching that day, and none of printing the sermon.
Page 49 - ... by him ; and that I will conform to the liturgy of the church of England, as it is now by law established. And I do declare, that I do hold there lies no obligation upon me, or on any other person, from the oath commonly called the solemn league and covenant...
Page 416 - ... taste and relish of them was also necessary, that with stronger force and more powerful energy they might penetrate into the most inward centre of my heart, and there being most deeply fixed and rooted, govern my life ; and that there could be no other sure ground whereon to conclude and pass a sound judgment on my good estate Godward ; and after I had in my course of preaching been largely insisting on 2 Cor. i. 12, 'This is my rejoicing, the testimony of 'a good consience,
Page 245 - Judge. Juftice Player and Juftice Newton told the Judge, that, if he let that man go, he would draw all the country after him. And fo he was kept in...
Page 128 - I must die : if my life might be serviceable to convert, or build up, one soul, I should be content to live ; but if God hath no work for me to do, here I am, let him do with me as he pleaseth : but to be with Christ is best of all.