The Apostolic Fathers: A Revised Text with Introductions, Notes, Dissertations, and Translations, Part 2, Volume 2

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Page 594 - 4. Be ye careful therefore to observe one eucharist (for there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ and one cup unto union in His blood; there is one altar, as there is one bishop, together with the presbytery and the deacons my fellow-servants), that whatsoever ye do, ye may do it after God.
Page 327 - in heathen writers (besides Celsus already quoted who seems to have mentioned them by name); eg Pliny Ep. x. 97 (96) 'Soliti stato die ante lucem convenire carmenque Christo quasi Deo dicere secum invicem, seque sacrantento non in
Page 606 - the devils of the nations gods. For there is one God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all things that are therein, and one Christ Jesus
Page 313 - dispensatur...egenis alendis humandisque, et pueris ac puellis re ac parentibus destitutis, iamque domesticis senibus, item naufragis, et si qui in metallis, et si qui in insulis vel in custodiis, dumtaxat ex causa dei sectae alumni confessionis suae fiunt,
Page 303 - saepe utitur' (Vir. III. 2), and which at this time he was disposed to regard as the original Hebrew of S. Matthew ; ' Ipsum Hebraicum [Matthaei] habetur usque hodie in Caesariensi bibliotheca quam Pamphilus martyr studiosissime confecit; mihi quoque a Nazaraeis, qui in Beroea urbe Syriae hoc volumine utuntur, describendi facultas fuit
Page 616 - I am the wheat of God, and I am ground by the teeth of wild beasts that I may be found pure bread. But Trajan, when he heard these things, was greatly astonished
Page 603 - Yet let not these again be puffed up, but let them serve the more faithfully to the glory of God, that they may obtain a better freedom from God. Let them not desire to be set free at the public cost, lest they be found slaves of lust.
Page 138 - see the note on Ephes. i. XII. 'May I have comfort in you, if I am found worthy. For although I am bound, I do not compare myself with any of you who are free. I know that ye are not puffed up: for ye have Jesus Christ in you. Nay, my praise will only fill you with shame, for
Page 594 - as many as are of God and of Jesus Christ, they are with the bishop ; and as many as shall repent and enter into the unity of the Church, these also shall be of God, that they may be living after Jesus Christ. Be not deceived, my brethren. If any man followeth one that maketh a schism,
Page 298 - narrat historia ; Ecce mater Domini et fratres eius dicebant ei; loannes Baptista baptizat in remissionem peccatorum ; eamus et baptizemur ab eo. Dixit autem eis : Quid peccavi ut vadam et baptizer ab eo? nisi forte hoc ipsum quod dixi ignorantia est.

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