Shillelagh: The Irish Fighting Stick

Front Cover, 2007 - History - 376 pages
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For centuries the Irish have been associated with a stick weapon called the Shillelagh. And for generations of Irishmen, the Shillelagh was a badge of honor - a symbol of their courage, their martial prowess and their willingness to fight for their rights and their honor. In modern popular culture, the Shillelagh has acquired a less appealing image, one that attempts to declaw the Irish through negative racial stereotypes of the Victorian era, which depict the Irish as harmless club-weilding Leprecauns or drunken, half-witted brawlers. John Hurley's illuminating study forever alters our view of this much maligned and misunderstood cultural icon by revealing the true martial arts culture of the Irish people, its history, evolution and decline and the resulting effects on the Shillelagh - the most powerful and controversial of Irish icons.

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Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identified
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I am intrigued by this book. My Dad has a Shillelagh and he is very proud of it. The first reviewer of this book deserves five stars, in fact whoever penned it should write his own book. I nearly fell off my chair laughing with tears in my eyes, brilliant review. Whoever you are please write a book, you would earn a fortune and also bring great joy to a sometimes miserable world. Now then, where is that Shillelagh..... 

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You know why I love being Irish? First off, we hate everyone else enough that we all carry fucking clubs. Second, we hate everyone else enough that we refuse to even hit them with regular sticks -- we need our own national stick. And third, it never went any farther than that -- like, there was no national gun or tank or anything. We needed a stick, and it had to be our own stick, and that's *all* we needed.
This book is absolutely amazing. It is an academic text that contains the phrase "all that Oriental muck" when talking about how awesome shillelagh fighting is. It has the best cover ever. Bar none. When did that happen? I want in! And there's a 30 page deconstruction of a fight as depicted in a bunch of woodcuts about "The Party Fight and Funeral", which is so awesome a name for *anything* that it's like, shit, man, IRISH ME UP. "Party. Fight. Funeral. The New Shillelagh from Toyota. It'll buss yer fahkin heed."
In closing, this book made me realize exactly how great the 'Darlin Ould Stick' is. I'm going to make a shillelagh this afternoon, and just start beating the SHIT out of people with it. This is my fucking HERITAGE, man. Stay the fuck out of my way.


Irish Martial Arts
Irish Martial Sports 6 3
A Shillelagh Fight
The Darlin Ould Stick
Shillelagh Fighting Styles
Shillelagh Law
The Agreeable Recreation
Shillelagh Culture
The Decline Of Shillelagh Fighting
Shillelagh Law Transformed
Reclaiming The Shillelagh
Shillelagh Resources

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