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Food fight: the inside story of the food industry, America's obesity crisis, and what we can do about it

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The war against obesity must go beyond personal responsibility and will power to encompass a Gandhian mass movement against a food industry and a social order intent on fattening us, argues this fact ... Read full review

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These are only a few of the author's points which are backed by hundreds of examples and documented by almost thirty pages of notes (small print):
Obesity, poor diet, and lack of physical activity
are a world epidemic. The list of diseases they cause is long. America leads the way and other countries should learn from us before it’s too late for them.
Suburban sprawl and common use of energy-saving devices are at the root of the physical activity crisis and attacking it first is suggested as central to solving the others. Changing people’s behavior by exhortation is not likely to affect it much so greater incentives must be instituted to make people more physically active.
Advertising aimed at children is malicious and should be banned as it is in a very few countries. Children, especially very young, cannot distinguish advertising from the program. Children interest groups are for it. The food industry is opposed. Which side are you on?
The USDA and a number of medical groups developed a document “The Ten Keys to Promote Healthy Eating in Schools” but that’s only wishful thinking compared to the reality in schools.
The author teaches a course "The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food" at Yale. The course is available for auditing free from Yale on line.

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