Natural Philosophy

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J.B. Lippincott, 1883 - Physics - 350 pages
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Page 367 - Words, Facts, and Phrases : A Dictionary of Curious, Quaint, and Out-of-the-Way Matters. By ELIEZER EDWARDS.
Page 367 - Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Giving the Derivation, Source, or Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words that have a Tale to Tell.
Page 368 - Places. With Recent and Authentic Information respecting the Countries, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Towns, etc., in every portion of the Globe; also the Census for 1880.
Page 274 - I went into the cube and lived in it, and using lighted candles, electrometers, and all other tests of electrical states, I could not find the least influence upon them, or indication of anything particular given by them, though all the time the outside of the cube was powerfully charged, and large sparks and brushes were darting off from every part of its outer surface.
Page 368 - PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY AND MYTHOLOGY. Containing Memoirs of the Eminent persons of all Ages and Countries, and Accounts of the Various Subjects of the Norse, Hindoo and Classic Mythologies, with the Pronunciation of their Names in the different Languages in which they occur. By J. THOMAS, AM, MD Imperial 8vo.
Page 21 - Newton's three laws: a body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion remains in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force...
Page 369 - Dictionary of Poetical Quotations. Covering the Entire Field of British and American Poetry, from the Time of Chaucer to the Present Day. With a variety of useful Indices, and Authors and Subjects alphabetically arranged.
Page 368 - A New, Thoroughly-Revised, and Greatly-Enlarged Edition. A UNIVERSAL PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY AND MYTHOLOGY, CONTAINING Memoirs of the Eminent Persons of all Ages and Countries, and Accounts of the...
Page 61 - A wheel and axle is used to raise a bucket from a well. The radius of the wheel is 15...
Page 133 - Nothing can be more surprising,' writes Sir John Herschel, in reference to this subject, 'than to see two persons, neither of them deaf, the one complaining of the penetrating shrillness of a sound, while the other maintains there is no sound at all.

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