life and adventure in the south pacific

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Page 339 - It is not (replied our philosopher) because they treat, as you call it, about love, but because they treat of nothing, that they are despicable : we must not ridicule a passion which he who never felt never was happy, and he who laughs at never deserves to feel — a passion which has caused the change of empires, and the loss of worlds — a passion which has inspired heroism and subdued avarice.
Page 365 - All the essentials of a great writer Mr. Motley eminently possesses. His mind is broad, his industry unwearied. In power of dramatic description no modern historian, except, perhaps, Mr. Carlyle, surpasses him, and in analysis of character he is elaborate and distinct — Westminster Review.
Page 371 - The author has now incontestably won for himself the title, not merely of a historian, but of the historian of Greece.— Quarterly Review.
Page 44 - That's it - that's it! long and strong. Give way there, give way! The devil fetch ye, ye ragamuffin rapscallions; ye are all asleep. Stop snoring, ye sleepers, and pull. Pull, will ye? pull, can't ye? pull, won't ye? Why in the name of gudgeons and ginger-cakes don't...
Page 365 - Mr. Motley's work is an important one, the result of profound research, sincere, convictions, sound principles, and manly sentiments; and even those who are most familiar with the history of the period will find in it a fresh and vivid addition to their previous knowledge. It does honor to American literature, and would do honor to the literature of any country in the world.— Edinburgh ReA serious chasm in English historical literature has been (by this book) very remarkably filled.
Page 62 - Like a plethoric burning martyr, or a self-consuming misanthrope, once ignited, the whale supplies his own fuel and burns by his own body. Would that he consumed his own smoke! for his smoke is horrible to inhale, and inhale it you must, and not only mat, but you must live in it for the time.
Page 366 - Mr. Motley's volumes will well repay perusal. * * * For his learning, his liberal tone, and his generous enthusiasm, we heartily commend him, and bid him good speed for the remainer of his interesting and heroic narrative.—Saturday Review.
Page 366 - Grotes, Milmans, Merivales, and Macaulays, as the glories of English literature in the department of history. * * * Mr. Motley's gifts as a historical writer are among the highest and rarest.—Nonconformist (London).
Page 370 - WAN. 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Parish and other Pencilings. By KIRWAN. • 12mo, Muslin, 75 cents. Letters to Bishop Hughes. By KIRWAN. New and Revised Edition. 12mo.
Page 368 - Revised by the Author, with Index, &c. 2 vols. 12mo, Muslin, $2 00; Half Calf, $3 70. Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches. Including the Supplement to the First Edition. With Elucidations and Connecting Narrative. 2 vols. 12mo, Muslin, $2 00 ; Half Calf, $3 70.

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