Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of Connecticut [ed. by L. Bacon, S.W.S. Dutton and E.W. Robinson].

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Page 29 - But yet, forasmuch as sundry persons of worth for prudence and piety amongst us, are otherwise persuaded, (whose welfare and peaceable satisfaction we desire to accommodate.) This Court doth Declare, That all such persons, being...
Page 21 - Church members who were admitted in minority, understanding the doctrine of faith, and publicly professing their assent thereto, not scandalous in life, and solemnly owning the covenant before the church, wherein they give up themselves and their children to the Lord, and subject themselves to the government of Christ in the church, their children are to be baptized.
Page 356 - June next ; there to consider and agree upon those methods and rules for the management of ecclesiastical discipline, which by them shall be judged agreeable and conformable to the word of God, and shall, at the same meeting, appoint two or more of their number to be their delegates, who shall all meet together at Saybrook, at the next commencement to be held there ; where they shall compare the results of the ministers of the several counties, and out of and from them, to draw a form of ecclesiastical...
Page 88 - If any who are given to change do rise up to unhinge the well established churches in this land, it will be the duty and interest of the churches to examine, whether the men of this trespass are more prayerful, more watchful, more zealous, more patient, more heavenly, more universally conscientious, and harder students, and better scholars, and more willing to be informed and advised, than...
Page 45 - That the elder, or elders of a particular church, with the consent of the brethren of the same, have power, and ought to exercise church discipline, according to the rule of God's word, in relation to all scandals that fall out within the same.
Page 249 - that a Free School be set up," and " our pastor, Mr. Davenport, together with the magistrates, shall consider what yearly allowance is meet to be given to it out of the common stock of the town, and also what rules and orders are meet to be observed in and about the same.
Page 511 - I suppose the first preacher that ever preached with notes in our New England, was the Rev. \Vnrham ; who, though he were sometimes faulted for it by some judieious men who had never heard him, yet when once they came to hear him, they could not but admire the notable energy of his ministry.
Page 265 - Voted, That all such persons as shall hereafter be elected to the office of Rector or Tutor in this College, shall, before they are accepted therein, before the Trustees, declare their assent to the Confession of Faith, owned and...
Page 67 - A little onward lend thy guiding hand To these dark steps, a little further on; For yonder bank hath choice of sun or shade; There I am wont to sit, when any chance Relieves me from my task of servile toil, Daily in the common prison else enjoin'd me, Where I, a prisoner chain'd, scarce freely draw The air imprison'd also, close and damp, Unwholesome draught.
Page 248 - ... trained. They came with earnest religious convictions, made more earnest by the trials of persecution ; and the enjoyment of these convictions was a leading motive in their emigration hither. The fundamental articles of their religious creed, that the Bible was the only authoritative expression of the divine will, and that every man was able to judge for himself in its interpretation, made schools...

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