Smile for No Good Reason

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A host of gentle stories to warm your heart. Theres something here sure to warm the grumpiest of grumps. Read full review


Whatever the problem love is in the solution
Let a child teach you something
Decide what you are a student of
Spend more of your life trying to understand other peoples views than trying to sell them on your own
Know when your plate is full
You are more important than your to do list
Hold a grudge hold yourself back
Be just a little kinder than you need to be
Give yourself the gift of quiet time
What you believe happened probably didnt What you believe will happen probably will
Look for similarities rather than differences
Do everything a little more gently than usual
Lie on your back and look up at the stars
Know what you can change and what you cant

What could you want that love doesnt offer?
Create a personal mission statement
Create a bouncer for your mind
Attitude is all that matters
The wisdom of the Chinese finger puzzle
It is never too late to have a happy childhood
The only limitations to your happiness are the ones you invent or agree upon
If you have conflicting goals conflict is what youll get
Learn to say byebye all gone and whoopsie
Your defenses bring what they were meant to guard against
For one week go out of your way to give cheerfully
Choose an hour a week to reach out
Smile gently and often
Those who give have
Are you giving what you want for yourself?
Add a little now to your later
Fear depletes love enlivens
Stop playing the ifthen and the whenthen game
Be a beginner
Throw away your score card
Do it with presence
Spend more time remembering who you are than becoming who you want to be
Have peace of mind as your single goal
All thoughts create
Listen more than you talk
Decide what time is for
Instead of seeking approval and acceptance give it
Every hour send a loving thought
Do you want to be angry or do you want to be happy?
Choose your games carefully
Think of God as a good dry cleaner
Schedule forgiveness practice sessions
Develop a nonjudgmental voice to watch your mind
See beyond imperfection
Choose where you want your wrinkles
When you have one finger pointed at someone else you have three pointing back at yourself
Develop an attitude of gratitude
Quit saying What else can go wrong?
Dont take all of the roles offered you
Compliment more than you complain or criticize
Get rid of your Yeah buts
Throw away your measuring stick
Dont try to make a round peg fit into a square hole
If its happening you can learn from it
Turn them into teachers
The world is full of your brothers and sisters
Drive all over town saying I could be happy here
Learn to say No graciously
Develop intention let go of perfection
Rigid branches break in the first wind
Your life is not an audition for a soap opera
Dont put rocks in your knapsack
Know whats enough
Watch your language
Be proud of your accomplishments but dont take them too seriously
Look for what is right and know there is nothing missing
Dont value the valueless
Youre not the boss of the universe
On their deathbed nobody says Gee I wish I had spent a little more time at the office
A hearse doesnt have a trailer hitch
What do you want to be thinking when you die?
Dont wait for the funeral to forgive or to say how you feel
Spend as much time with nature as you do with technology
Patience is the greatest gift you can give
Develop awareness trust your heart and take an action
Do small acts of kindness and your big problems wont be so big
Learn to be with yourself
Choose one person you know one person you dont and do something kind for them and dont let them know it was you
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