Geology and Mineral Resources of a Portion of Fremont County, Wyo, Issue 2

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S.A. Bristol Company, Printers and Binders, 1911 - Geology - 90 pages
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Page 86 - ... likely, however, to occur upon terraces or levels, as these places are favorable to accumulation in both dry and saturated rocks. Under all conditions the most probable locations for the accumulation of gas are on the crests of anticlines. Small folds along the side of a syncline may hold a supply of gas, or the rocks may be so dense that gas can not travel to the anticline, but will remain in volume close to the oil.
Page 10 - Their rotten sluices, rockers, and toms remain there to the present day. During 1861 mining was abandoned because men could make more money putting up hay and delivering telegraph poles for the Overland Stage Company. In the fall of 1861, however, fifty-two men had collected at South Pass City, ready to commence mining in the early spring of 1862. Their locations were selected and prospects over promising, when, like a thunderbolt, the Shoshoni Indians broke down upon them, robbed them of everything...
Page 84 - In most cases it is prooable that a combination of these two conditions exists — that the porous rocks are completely saturated with water up to a certain level, but above that point they are dry. The movement of the hydrocarbons through the rocks will not be the same in the two cases, and therefore each condition must be considered separately. "If small quantities of oil and gas enter a dry porous rock at different points the oil will How down as long as gravity is sufficient to overcome the friction...
Page 86 - In porous rocks, completely saturated, the accumulation of both oil and gas will be in the anticlines or along level portions of the structure. Where the area of porous rocks is limited, the accumulation will occur at the highest point of the porous...
Page 84 - If small quantities of oil and gas enter a dry porous rock at different points the oil will flow down as long as gravity is sufficient to overcome the friction and the capillary attraction. The gas will diffuse with the air or water vapor contained in the pores of the rock. "Oil and gas entering a porous rock that is completely saturated with water will be forced up to the top of the porous stratum by the difference in the specific gravity of the hydrocarbons and the water. Here the oil and gas will...
Page 10 - When winter approached they abandoned their enterprise to winter at Fort Laramie, where they intended to provision themselves for a year and get a supply of necessary tools in the spring. This done they started, but when on their way two days they were overtaken by United States dragoons and brought back to the fort. The leader was sent to prison for some imaginary offense and the property of the entire company confiscated.
Page 86 - ... take place below such impervious stop, which is really the top limit of the porous rock. (3) In porous rocks that are only partly filled with water the oil accumulates at the upper limit of the saturated area. This limit of saturation traces a level line around the sides of each structural basin, but the height of this line may vary greatly in adjacent basins and in different sands of the same basin. Partial saturation is the condition most generally found, in which case accumulations of oil...
Page 68 - The heating power of the Popo Agie petroleum, as determined by the bomb calorimeter, is 10,437 calories per gram, which is equivalent to 14,571,000 foot pounds of energy per pound .of oil. One pound of oil will give heat enough to convert 19.40 pounds of water at 212 degrees F. into steam. "The crude oil shows no paraffin on cooling, and is soluble without residue in light benxene.
Page 10 - Gold in the Sweetwater District was first discovered in 1842 by a Georgian who came here with the American Fur Company for the recovery of his health. After remaining a year he started home, intending to organize a company and bring them here to work the mines.
Page 10 - Indians. Thirteen years elapsed, when a party of forty men arrived here. They prospected the whole length of the Sweetwater, found gold everywhere in the river as well as in all of its tributaries, and turned the main stream from its channel 400 yards. A small shaft eight feet deep, from which they took from two to ten cents' worth of gold per pan, was sunk and worked some time.

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