Rates of Pay and Regulations Governing Employes in Train and Yard Service on the Principal Railroads of the United States, Canada and Mexico

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T.S. Metcalf, 1900 - Railroads - 375 pages
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Page 345 - Yardmen will not be dismissed or suspended from the company's service without just cause. In case of suspension or dismissal, if any...
Page 77 - ... read and write the English language, or who does not possess a knowledge of the rudiments of arithmetic. Persons deficient in hearing, visual power, or color perception will not be employed in any branch of the service involving the use of signals or the movement of engines or trains. All employees will be regarded as in the line of promotion, advancement depending upon their loyalty to the company's interests, faithful discharge of duty, and capacity for increased responsibility. Examinations...
Page 242 - The actual number of days in any calendar month of twelve hours per day, exclusive of Sundays, will constitute a month's work for that month in work train service. When a crew is called for work train service, one-half day will be allowed when on duty six hours or less; if over six hours, a full day will be allowed. If the miles run in any one trip, computed at regular freight allowance, exceed the allowance by hours, mileage rates will be paid. Combination work and revenue freight train service...
Page 269 - Overtime will be paid for at the rate of 30 cents per hour, and for work on Sundays or holidays, time and a half will be paid.
Page 8 - Any employee included under the provisions of this agreement who is dissatisfied with the decision of any...
Page 140 - In case he shall not be satisfied with the result of said investigation, he shall have the right to appeal to superintendent of motive power or the general manager.
Page 25 - In case suspension or dismissal is found to be unjust he shall be reinstated and paid for all time lost.
Page 344 - Switching crews shall consist of a foreman and two switchmen, except when in the judgement of the superintendent, three men are not necessary to properly handle the business. Nothing in this article shall prevent the foreman from acting as yardmaster, should it be decided by the superintendent that he can perform this service in connection with his other duties. When this is done the foreman shall receive the pay of the position.
Page 248 - When trainmen are called and for any reason, other than their own acts, do not go out, if held on duty less than six hours, shall be paid for the time so held at overtime rates and stand first out.
Page 345 - ... to the division superintendent. Within ten days of the receipt of this notice, his case shall have a thorough investigation by the proper officers of the railroad company at which he may be present, if he so desires, and also be represented by disinterested employees in same class of service.

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