Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics: For the Exercise and Manoeuvres of Troops when Acting as Light Infantry Or Riflemen. Prepared Under the Direction of the War Department,, Volume 1

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Page 26 - Recruits are also exercised in running, the principles being the same as for double time. When marching in double time and in running, the men breathe as much as possible through the nose, keeping the mouth closed.
Page 129 - ... the platoons will wheel in the manner already explained ; the man on the pivot will take care to mark time in his place, without advancing or receding ; the instructor, the chiefs of platoon, and the guides, will conform to what has been prescribed Nos.
Page 12 - As the discipline and efficiency of a company materially depend on the conduct and character of its sergeants, they should be selected with care, and properly instructed in all the duties appertaining to their rank. 57. Their theoretical instruction should include the School of the Soldier, the School of the Company, and the Drill for Skirmishers.
Page 116 - At the command march, the designated companies will face to the left in marching, and immediately take the double quick step; each captain will cause the head of his company to disengage itself to the rear, and the left guide will place himself at the head of the front rank; the captain of the third company will conform himself to what is prescribed No.
Page 8 - Absent officers and sergeants will be replaced, officers by sergeants, and sergeants by corporals. The colonel may detach a first lieutenant from one company to command another, of which both the captain and first lieutenant are absent; but this authority will give no right to a lieutenant to demand to be so detached. Posts of Field Officers and Regimental Staff.
Page 180 - No. 25, conforming also to what is prescribed No. 54. 57. Intervals may be extended on the centre of the line, according to the same principles. 58. If, in extending intervals, it be intended that one company or platoon should occupy a line which had been previously occupied by two, the men of the company or platoon which is to retire, will fall successively to the rear as they are relieved by the extension of the intervals. To close intervals.
Page 20 - At the command right, turn the head to the right oblique, eyes fixed on the line of eyes of the men in, or supposed to be in, the same rank. At the command front, turn the head and eyes to the front.
Page 76 - At the third command, each man will front by facing to the left, if marching by the right flank, and by a face to the right, if marching by the left flank. The rear rank men...
Page 71 - At the second command, each man will make a half face to the left (or right), and all will then, march straight to the front, conforming to the principles of the direct march. To march to the front in double quick time.
Page 32 - One time and three motions. (First motion.) Grasp the piece with the right hand under and against the left forearm ; seize it with the left hand at the lower band, the thumb extended ; detach the piece slightly from the shoulder, the left forearm along the stock.

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