The Works of Gabriel Harvey: For the First Time Collected and Edited, with Memorial-introduction, Notes and Illustrations, Etc, Volume 1

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private circulation only, 1884
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Page 5 - Newe bookes I heare of none, but only of one,* that writing a certaine booke called The Schoole of Abuse, and dedicating it to Maister Sidney, was for hys labor scorned : if, at leaste, it be in the goodnesse of that nature to scorne.
Page 74 - Opinion there is no one more regular and Justifiable direction, eyther for the assured and infallible Certaintie of our English Artificiall Prosodye particularly, or generally to bring our Language into" Arte and to frame a Grammer or Rhetorike thereof, ™ than first of all vniuersally to agree vpon ONE AND THE SAME ORTOGRAPHIE, in aTTpofiTEes conformable and proportionate to our COMMON NATURAL PROSODYE.
Page 75 - Latine, did preiudice and ouerrule those that followeth them, as well for the quantities of syllables as number of feete, and the like...
Page 92 - ... they seemed otherwise to the worlde. And truely I am so confirmed in this opinion, that when I bethinke me of the verie notablest and moste wonderful propheticall or poeticall vision that...
Page 91 - They han the pleasure, I a sclender prise. I beate the bush, the byrds to them doe flye : What good thereof to Cuddie can arise ? PIERS.
Page 80 - O bonny Laurell : Needes to thy bowes will I bow this knee, and vayle my bonetto.
Page 264 - Europe : or what an ineftimable crop of moft noble and foueraine fruite, the handofy/r/, and the fpirite of Emulation might reape in a rich, and honorable field? Is not the Profe of Sir Philip Sidney, in his fweet Arcadia, the embrodery of fineft Art, and daintieft Witt?
Page 169 - ... beneath : which was a letter to his abandoned wife, in the behalfe of his gentle host : not so short as persuasible in the beginning, and pittifull in the ending.
Page 36 - Therin be some things excellently, and many things wittily, discoursed of EK, and the pictures so singularly set forth and purtrayed, as if Michael Angelo were there, he could (I think) nor amende the beste, nor reprehende the worst.

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