Report of ... for the Year Ending June 1, 1866: Contains the military history of New Hampshire, from its settlement, in 1623 to the year 1861, Volume 2

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G.E. Jenks, 1866 - 958 pages
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Page 13 - Council for the Safety of the People, and Conservation of the Peace.
Page 374 - And no officer, duly commissioned to command in the militia, shall be removed from his office, but by the address of both houses to the governor, or by fair trial in court-martial, pursuant to the laws of the commonwealth for the time being.
Page 374 - The division of the militia into brigades, regiments, and companies made in pursuance of the militia laws now in force shall be considered as the proper division of the militia of this state until the same shall be altered by some future law.
Page 9 - Commonwealth, and also to kill, slay and destroy, if necessary, and conquer, by all fitting ways, enterprises and means whatsoever, all and every such person and persons as shall, at any time hereafter, in a hostile manner, attempt or enterprise the destruction, invasion, detriment, or annoyance of this Commonwealth...
Page 374 - The captains and subalterns in the respective regiments shall be nominated and recommended by the field officers to the governor, who is to issue their commissions immediately on receipt of such recommendation; provided, that no person shall be so nominated and recommended until he shall have been examined and found duly qualified by an examining board appointed by the governor.
Page 554 - You have never disgraced your State; I hope you won't this time. If any man runs I want the file closers to shoot him; if they don't, I shall myself. That's all I have to say.
Page 281 - ... that will hold fifteen rounds of cartridges at least, a hundred buckshot, a jackknife and tow for wadding, six flints, one pound of powder, forty leaden balls, fitted to his gun, a knapsack and blanket, a canteen or wooden bottle, sufficient to hold one quart.
Page 333 - He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York in 1821, and in February of the same year he was elected to the United States Senate, and re-elected in 1827, serving until 1829.
Page 333 - He was a member of the convention that formed the constitution of the United States.
Page 49 - As the Indians will come in the morning to scalp me, I will kill one more of them if I can." There were eleven more of the English, who were badly wounded, viz. Lieut. Farwell, Mr. Frye. Sergeant Johnson, Timothy Richardson, Josiah Johnson, Samuel Whiting, Elias Barron, John Chamberlain, Isaac Lakin, Eleazer Davis and Josiah Jones ; but they however marched off the ground, with the nine others who received no considerable wounds, viz. Ensign Wyman, Edward Lingfield, Thomas Richardson, the two Melvins,...

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