Five Years with the Congo Cannibals

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Chatto & Windus, 1891 - Congo (Democratic Republic) - 308 pages
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Page 217 - there is more joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, than over ninety and nine just persons that need no repentance.
Page 8 - ... feel yourself sufficiently competent to march the column, with all the goods brought by the Stanley, and those left by me at Yambuya, along the road pursued by me. In that event, which would be very desirable, you will follow closely our route, and before many days we should most assuredly meet. No doubt you will find our bomas intact and standing, and you should endeavour to make your marches so that you could utilise these as you marched. Better guides than those bomas of our route could not...
Page 5 - Fuel being ready, the 125 men in charge of Messrs. Ward and Bonny, now at Bolobo, will embark, and the steamer will continue her journey. She will be at Bangala on the 19th of July, and arrive here on the 31st of July.
Page 9 - You should also send a true copy of this order that the Relief Committee may judge for themselves whether you have acted, or propose to act, judiciously. " Your present garrison shall consist of eighty rifles and from forty to fifty supernumeraries. The Stanley is to bring you within a few weeks fifty more rifles and seventy-five supernumeraries under Messrs. Troup, Ward, and Bonny. " I associate Mr. JS Jameson with you at present. Messrs. Troup, Ward, and Bonny will submit to your authority. In...
Page 7 - The men you will eventually have under you consist of more than an entire third of the Expedition. The goods that will be brought up are the currency needed for transit through the regions beyond the Lakes ; there will be a vast store of ammunition and provisions, which are of equal importance to us. The loss of these men and goods would be certain ruin to us, and the Advance Force itself would need to solicit relief in its turn.
Page 14 - Tippoo in regard to remainder of originally promised six hundred men, and to obtain from him as many fighting men as possible up to four hundred ; to make most advantageous terms he can as regards service and payment of men, he and I guaranteeing money in name of Expedition. Jameson will return about May fourteenth, but earliest date to start will be June first. When I start, propose leaving officer with all loads not absolutely wanted at Stanley Falls. Ward carries this message. Please obtain wire...
Page 171 - After regarding him for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that this Arab was a remarkable man — the most remarkable man I had met among Arabs, Wa-Swahili, and half-castes in Africa.
Page 9 - Beads, brass wire, cowries and cloth, rank next. 3rd. Private luggage. 4th. Powder and caps. 5th. European provisions. 6th. Brass rods as used on the Congo. 7th. Provisions (rice, beans, peas, millet, biscuits). Therefore you must consider, after rope, sacking, tools, such as shovels (never discard an axe or bill-hook), how many sacks of provisions you can distribute among your men to enable you to march — whether half your brass rods in the boxes could not go also, and there stop.
Page 9 - If you still cannot march, then it would be better to make marches of six miles twice over, if you prefer marching to staying for our arrival, than throw too many things away.
Page 132 - ... stream, the charm-doctor sprinkled powdered chalk and potash on the wounds, delivering the while, in rapid tones, an appeal to us to maintain unbroken the sanctity of the contract ; and then, our arms being rubbed together, so that the flowing blood intermingled, we were declared to be brothers of one blood whose interests henceforth should be united as our blood now was.

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