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Page 135 - A holy anker2 call Out of the stony wall, And hym a bysshopp make If he on him dare take To kepe so hard a rule, To ryde vpon a mule Wyth golde all betrapped, In purple and paule belapped.
Page 127 - Rudely rayne beaten, Rusty and moughte eaten, If ye take well therwith, It hath in it some pyth.
Page 125 - What can it auayle To dryue forth a snayle, Or to make a sayle Of an herynges tayle; To ryme or to rayle, To wryte or to indyte, Eyther for delyte Or elles for despyte; Or bokes to compyle Of dyuers maner style, Vyce to reuyle And synne to exyle; To teche or to preche, As reason wyll reche? Say this, and say that, His hed is so fat, He wotteth neuer what Nor whereof he speketh...
Page 8 - Measure shold haue domynyon. Where Measure is mayster, Plenty dothe none offence ; Where Measure lackyth, all thynge dysorderyd is : Where Measure is absent, Ryot kepeth resydence ; Where Measure is ruler, there is nothynge amysse. 124 Measure is treasure ; ho we say ye, is it not this 1 FEL.
Page 96 - ... must ye lerne ,to lye harde, That was wonte to lye on fetherbeddes of downe; Nowe must your fete lye hyer than your crowne : Where you were wonte to have cawdels for your hede, Nowe must you monche mamockes and lumpes of brede ; And where you had chaunges of ryche aray, Nowe lap you in a coverlet, full fayne...
Page 215 - Cassaunder ; Stedfast of thought, Wele made, wele wrought ; Far may be sought, Erst that ye can fynde So corteise, so kynde, As mirry Margaret, This mydsomer floure, Jentyll as fawcoun Or hawke of .the towre.
Page 11 - Fel. Laudable your consayte is to be acountyd ; For welthe without measure sodenly wyll slyde. Lyb. As your grace full nobly hath recountyd, Measure with noblenesse sholde be alyde.
Page 187 - Togeder in armes, as brethern, enbrasid ; There apparell farre passynge beyonde that I can tell ; With diamauntis and rubis there tabers were trasid, None so ryche stones in Turkey to sell ; Thei wantid nothynge but the laurell ; And of there bounte they made me godely chere, In maner and forme as ye shall after here. Mayster Gower to Skelton.
Page 135 - Jf he on hym dare take To kepe so harde a rule, To ryde vpon a mule With golde all betrapped, In purple and paule belapped ; Some hatted and some capped...
Page 168 - Prynted for to be, For that no man shulde se ' Nor rede in any scrolles Of theyr dronken nolles, Nor of theyr noddy polles, Nor of theyr sely soules, Nor of some wytles pates Of dyuers great estates, As well as other men.

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