Vlrichi Hvtteni eqvitis germani opera qv reperiri potvervnt omnia

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in dibvs Tevbnerianis, 1859

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Page 393 - Grace that it may lyke you to cause hym have in reward one hundred pownde, and that he may retourn home, wher his presence is very necessary ; for he is one of the chiefe stays agaynst the faction of Luther...
Page 393 - ... of Murner's visit to this country better than any other mode of narrating it. Cardinal Wolsey was then staying at Easthampstead. The spelling, which is quite intelligible enough, has been left in its original state, to give the reader an idea of the unsettled condition of English at that time. " It may ferther lyke Your Good Grace to be advertised that one Thomas Murner, a Frere of Saynt Francisce, which wrote a booke against Luther in defence of the Kinges boke, was...
Page 304 - Obiicil et illud, quod ne morte quidem alicubi scripserim me divellendum a sede Romana: dicendum hoc eral quum delalus cssem, quod conspirassem adversus seflem Romanam: quid turn postea? an ideo confirmo tyrannidem auf vitia .w.Romanensium? Addil me hoc impiidenler scribere, qui folies discesserim...
Page 467 - GocleniuB et pulchre obeso et adeo non longo, ut mentum pectori pene contiguum sit.
Page 322 - S5. occursu cardinalium : nam ego tot modis provocatus nihil adhuc scripsi in Lutherum, et...
Page 68 - Leonem His manibus, frustra liber abire paro, Sive meo Latios devinci Marte cynsedos, 02 bent ({uainruniqne fugain, milla salubris erit.
Page 23 - Pauli doclrinam, qno:. iimilo versari oporteat in domo dei, quœ est ecclesia dei, columna et basis verilatis.
Page 301 - Ul iyilur non scmoveo ab amieilia mea doetos qui moderate el cum indicio favent Luthero, ita nee altera ex parte desino eos habere amicos qui...
Page 393 - Morencr your frear and our gyde ys one of the sorte, your grace „Or.
Page 317 - ... posset esse suspecta mea blandities; nunc nihil ambio, aut si quid ambio, * cf.

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