The Restless Age

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1921 - Indiana - 218 pages
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Page 199 - One may call in this house, I find, to very little purpose. Suppose I should call for a taste, just by way of trial, of the nectar of your lips ; perhaps I might be disappointed in that too.
Page 200 - Odso ! then you must show me your embroidery. I embroider and draw patterns myself a little. If you want a judge of your work, you must apply to me. (Seizing her hand.) Miss HARD.
Page 2 - I've got to go," he muttered. "If I stick around here much longer I'll go crazy. I simply can't stand it." He brooded for a moment. "I guess the travel and excitement have spoiled me for this life. I used to like it here on the farm, but since I came back from the other side the place seems deadly monotonous.
Page 160 - There was something radically wrong, Tom decided, in the distribution of earned reward when the farmer who slaved long weeks and months, gambling with fickle weather while raising the grain, should receive so much less than the speculator who traded in it.
Page 49 - Her chief difference from her city sister was the fortunate absence of that fungus growth of sophistication which modern city life inflicts upon girls of her age. By nature she was kindly and sincere. Duplicity was foreign to her nature, and the consciousness that she was now embarking upon such a game made her feel uncomfortable and somewhat ashamed.
Page 161 - Selfishness, greed, ostentation, duplicity, cutthroat business methods, crafty evasions of the law, crime flourishing in the face of official complacence or connivance...
Page 22 - Under present conditions city life is like a madhouse. Everybody grabbing and nobody satisfied, no matter how much he makes.
Page 193 - Harry fell, but it was the only way he could think of to save Emily.
Page 211 - Harbridge, with the further information that the young couple would reside in the old homestead on the Wickham farm.
Page 156 - No, thank you. I'll be all right after a while.

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