Pennsylvania Archives

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Samuel Hazard, John Blair Linn, William Henry Egle, George Edward Reed, Thomas Lynch Montgomery, Gertrude MacKinney, Charles Francis Hoban
1896 - History
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A collection of documents supplementing the companion series known as "Colonial records," which contain the Minutes of the Provincial council, of the Council of safety, and of the Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania.

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Page i - Л complete set of the accounts of the Lieutenants and SubLieutenants of the several counties of Pennsylvania during the War of the Revolution would certainly be a desideratum. They may at the first glance appear to be mainly statistical, but in reality contain much that will give an insight into the struggle for independence.
Page 341 - S — — 2073 9 11 Note. The 19th Eig-hteen-penny tax due from said county is not settled. York County, on Account of Taxes due from the Estates of Non-residents, Dr. To balance due as reported, September, 1775 340 11 64 York County, for the 12th Eighteen-penny Tax, Dr.
Page i - It is proper, in conclusion, to state that in most Instances the names are spelled phonetically, and the correct orthography must be left to those searching the records. Again, it is possible that this...
Page 323 - The Committee of Accounts for 1781 report, that no account had been rendered by the Treasurer of Lancaster county, of the 19th Eighteen-penny tax, but that Matthias Slough, Esq; late County Treasurer, paid 3807 1 2, in 1779, said to be a balance thereof, which Is yet in the same situation. York County, for the 12th Eighteen-penny Tax, Dr. To a balance due to the state, said to be outstanding 60 TO 4 Contra, Cr.
Page 331 - Treasury, for tine use of the state, which continued in force until Nov. 27, 1779. There hath been an additional tax upon non-Jurors, which the law directs should be paid into the Treasury. By the act for raising the quota of the forty-five million tax, passed the 10th of October, 1779, and the act for raising the flrst eight monthly taxes, a tax of three pence per pound was laid upon cash.
Page 348 - There were not any payments made In part of their respective quotas of these taxes by the counties of Bedford. Northumberland and Westmoreland; for a state thereof see the accounts of the next subsequent year. The assessments which have been made in the several counties, and the monies which have been collected from the people for...
Page 331 - No monies have been paid into the State Treasury by any of the County Treasurers on account of the above taxes, except the following, viz: Continental Money. By John Musch, Esq; Treasurer, Northampton county, on account of double taxes, November, 1780 2341 15 6 By ditto, on account of the tax upon cash 976 7 2 By Conrad Ibrie, Esq; ditto of ditto, on acct.
Page 375 - STATE of the ACCOUNTS of the several COUNTIES for their TAXES, from the 1st of October, 1782, to the 1st of January, 1785, continued from former Statements thereof.
Page 331 - Pennsylvania, 17771781. pp. 11-205. State of the accounts of the several counties for their taxes to October, 1782, continued from the report of the committee of accounts of assembly for 1781. pp. 200-214. Effective supplies for 1781 and the tax for funding and sinking paper money, pp. 215-222. State of the accounts of the counties for their taxes from the beginning of the Revolution to 1781. pp.

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