Maids of Honour: A Tale of the Court of George I.

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H. Colburn, 1845
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Page 275 - You shan't stir a foot' — ' You'll think me a clown.' — 'For all the world, Captain, not half an inch farther' — ' You must be obey'd — your servant, Sir Arthur ! My humble respects to my lady unknown.' — 'I hope you will use my house as your own.' " " Go bring me my smock, and leave off your prate, Thou hast certainly gotten a cup in thy pate.
Page 113 - Tis but what virtue flies from and disdains: And grant the bad what happiness they would, One they must want, which is, to pass for good. Oh blind to truth, and God's whole scheme below, Who fancy bliss to vice, to virtue woe!
Page 217 - May you enjoy a state of repose in this life, not unlike that sleep of the soul which some have believed is to succeed it, where we lie utterly forgetful of that world from which we are gone, and...
Page 189 - Sooner the seas shall cease to flow, Their waves the Alps shall cover, On Greenland ice shall roses grow, Before I cease to love her. The next time I go o'er the moor She shall a lover find me ; And that my faith is firm and pure, Tho
Page 162 - Hervey, would you know the passion, You have kindled in my breast ? Trifling is the inclination That by words can be expressed. In my silence see the lover ; True love is by silence known ; In my eyes you'll best discover, All the power of your own.
Page 244 - This sword I think I was telling you of, Mr. Sharper. This sword I'll maintain to be the best divine, anatomist, lawyer, or casuist in Europe; it shall decide a controversy or split a cause SIR JO.
Page 81 - Their matins chant, nor brook my long delay. My courser hears their voice; see there with ears And tail erect, neighing he paws the ground; Fierce rapture kindles in his reddening eyes, And boils in every vein.
Page 241 - Lordships shall be induced to proceed on this bill, and to pass it in any shape; I shall dispose myself quietly and patiently to submit to what is determined. ' God's will be done ! Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked...
Page 1 - ... divines, to modern shops unknown : Here, like the bee, that on industrious wing Collects the various odours of the spring, Walkers at leisure learning's flowers may spoil, Nor watch the wasting of the midnight oil ; May morals snatch from Plutarch's tatter'd page, A mildew'd Bacon, or Stagyra's sage; Here sauntering 'prentices o'er Otway weep, O'er Congreve smile, or over D'Urfey sleep; Pleased sempstresses the Lock's famed Rape unfold, And squirts read Garth till apozems grow cold.
Page 241 - Lordship's judgments, springing from unknown motives, — if, for any reasons or necessity of state, of the wisdom and justice of which I am no competent judge, — your Lordships shall proceed to pass this bill against me, I shall dispose myself quietly and tacitly to submit to what you do. God's will be done : naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return ; and whether he gives or takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord !" The bishop's speech, according to his own computation...

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